Admissions & Tuition

Admission Requirements

Applicants for the both specializations (Reflective Practice and Community Development) of the Master of Adult Education Degree must have a related Bachelors degree with minimum an overall B grade and at least two years experience as an adult educator or community development practitioner. The Department has a limited enrollment, so admission is on a competitive basis. Applications are reviewed on an on-going basis throughout the year. There is no deadline to apply for the Master of Adult Education program.

How to Apply

To apply to the Master of Adult Education program, you can contact the Administrative Assistant for an application package or download the application package. Complete the application form and return it along with supporting documentation (see below) and the application fee {fee is payable by cheque, money order or credit card (email, call or write card number/expiry date directly on application form)} to St. Francis Xavier University, Admissions Office, P.O. Box 5000, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada, B2G 2W5.

Two confidential references are required as well as official degree transcripts. Forms for references are included in the information package.  Please note that the referee is asked to place the reference in a sealed envelope and to write his/her signature across the seal. Applicants should submit the references with completed application forms. You will also need to request educational institutions to forward official transcripts directly to our Admissions Office or you may also enclose official transcripts with the application package.

NOTE:You should contact the admissions office (902-867-2219 or e-mail to check if all the references and transcripts have been received.

A Checklist for those applying to the Master of Adult Education Program

  • Complete the Application for Admission to Graduate Studies
  • Request official transcripts for all undergraduate/graduate degrees and have these sent directly to St.FX University
  • Two confidential letters of reference are required (forms included in the application above).
  • Prepare and include with the application a comprehensive curriculum vitae clearly indicating your experience in the practice of adult education;
  • Complete a statement of purpose of 500 to 1000 words (maximum) discussing:
    • your personal philosophy of adult education;
    • your experience as an adult educator;
    • your long-term career goals;
    • an indication of your area of interest and a reference list of five supporting readings-books, articles, websites.
  • Evidence of English proficiency if your first language is not English (Contact the Admissions Office for details).

For applicants whose first language is not English, or whose normal language of instruction has been other than English, a test of English language proficiency may be required. The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or its equivalent is recommended. If TOEFL scores are submitted, then a minimum score of at least 580 on the paper-based test, 236 on the computer-based test or 92 on the IBT (internet based TOEFL) is required. Other acceptable tests and the minimum scores include the MELAB (90), IELTS (6.5) or the CAEL (70).

Admission Procedures

The StFX Admissions Department establishes a file for each applicant. When the file is completed (application form, transcripts, statement of purpose, vitae and references), it is then reviewed by the Department of Adult Education. The Department's recommendation is then forwarded to the Committee on Graduate Studies for a final decision. The decision is conveyed to the applicant by letter from the Admissions Office. If accepted, students will be forwarded a Foundations Institute registration form listing the next available sessions, which ordinarily are held two to three times each year. Before the Foundations Institute begins, students will be asked to confirm attendance by paying a $200 fee, which is deducted from the tuition. On receipt of the fee, students will receive an information package containing the details pertinent to the three week stay on campus. When your file is complete, the Admission's Office forwards the application to the Adult Education Department for review among a faculty selection committee. The application is, then, sent to the Chair of Graduate Studies. The Committee on Graduate Studies makes the final decision on all applications. The Admissions Office issues the letters of acceptance or rejection. Please note that the Department of Adult Education does not receive files to review from the Admissions Office until all documentation has been received. Applicants need to confirm with the Admissions Office when the file is complete.

Note: Students are put on the confirmation list in the order in which they were processed. We use a waiting list that follows in the order of acceptance. 


Tuition rates for our program are always subject to change. Please always refer to our Business Office at 902-867-3738 for the most up to date amounts. Current tuition and related fees for the Master's of Adult Education Program can be viewed here:

$9,234.00 for NS Students payable at the Foundations Institute (covers first two years)

  • $10,774. for other Canadian students payable at the Foundations Institute (covers first two years)
  • $18,400. for International students payable at the Foundations Institute (covers first two years)

Current students (registered in the program before July 2016) will not be affected by this change, and will continue to be charged at the following rate:

  • $7,237.00 for Nova Scotia students payable at Foundations Institute
  • $8,520.00 for Canadian students payable at Foundations Institute; normally there has been a 10% increase each year.
  • $15,715.00 International Students pay an additional amount in accordance with the International Student Policy of this University

A payment plan is available for tuition. It is payable over 2 years; you can make 2 payments or 4 payments. For more information/details on tuition payments you can contact Sonya MacDonald at the Business or 902-867-2123. This amount covers tuition for two years. The candidacy limit is five years. For continuation and extension fee beyond year 2 students need to consult the department.

Please be advised that in addition to your tuition you will be responsible to pay some additional one-time fees for technology and facility renewal and student union fees that all students at StFX are responsible to pay. Please consult with the business office at StFX to determine the current amounts of these additional fees (see current rates below).

Policy on Continuations 

This is a full-time 24-month program with a possibility of 3 years of continuation on a part-time basis. Students are registered in all of their courses (36 credits) for a 24-month term that can begin (and therefore end) in any month of the year and tuition and fees are charged against all their courses. Students entering the program before 2017  are allowed a three year continuation period following their initial 24-month term to complete their degree requirements on a part time basis.

Continuation Fee

Students will be charged the equivalent of the current tuition rate for 3 credits each year during their continuation period and if  granted a 1-year extension in the program. These charges will be posted to students’ accounts in Banner by the Businesss Office

Refund Policy: please see For Enrolled Student section