Community Development Stream

The adult educator may call himself or herself an agricultural extension agent, a health worker, a community organizer, a literacy teacher or any number of titles. It is not the title but the purpose of assisting women and men to realize themselves through the acquisition of skills and knowledge which identifies the authentic adult educator.

J. Roby Kidd

Beginning in October 2005, the Department of Adult Education, in collaboration with the Coady International Institute offers a new community development stream in the existing Master of Adult Education Program. The Master of Adult Education - Community Development Stream is a self-directed, self-paced distance learning program. The program provides community development practitioners with an opportunity to deepen their understanding of the ways in which adult education methods and principles can be applied as the means for community development.

Students are offered guidance to define a professional and academic area of focus within community development in a Northern or Southern setting. Focus can be on traditional communities bound by location, or on communities of culture and practice that can cross borders. Potential areas of specialization may include, but are not limited to: community economic development, community-based natural resource management, participatory monitoring and evaluation, community health promotion, community-based peace education and transformative learning.

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Here is a short list of research areas, students specializing in community development are engaged at:

  • Community-driven peace education and nonviolent conflict resolution methods in rural Ethiopia.
  • Needs assessment for an adult education and community development centre in an indigenous community in Nova Scotia.
  • Informal leadership in community-driven development