Book Launch for Leona English's Two New Books

The scholarly contributions of our very own Leona English were lauded on Oct. 11, 2012 when over 75 people gathered on the StFX campus to celebrate the launch of her two latest books,Adult Education and Health, and Learning with Adults: A Critical Pedagogical Approach.

The book launch took place at the Marie Michael Library at the Coady International Institute. Speakers included StFX adult education colleague Dr. Carole Roy, and Connie Clement, Scientific Director at the National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health (NCCDH) which is located at StFX.  Leona was particularly pleased that many communty members attended.  Leona has now edited or authored 10 books, including the definitive Internatioanl Encyclopedia of Adult Eduation. 

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StFX Outreach Award

Dr. Carole Roy is an associate professor and chair of StFX department of Adult Education. Along with her scholarly activities, her outreach service to the academic and wider communities has been far-reaching. She has served as a member of StFX's Research Ethics Board, on StFX's Art Gallery Board of Directors, and StFX's Faculty of Education SSHRC Review Committee for Doctoral Applications. She has been a role model and mentor to many. Through her SSHRC research grants, she makes it a priority to hire research assisstants - 15 since 2004 - to provide opportunities for students to participate in research activities and support themselves.

Nationally, she gives of her time on a number of professional organizations including co-president of the Canadian Association for the Study of Adult Education, where she coordinates the annual national conference. Recognizing that teaching extends beyound formal learning sites, she has initiated and organized 11 film festivals. She is the inspiration and sustaining team leader of the Antigonish International Film Festival, which just enjoyed its sixth year. The weekend festival has expanded to a monthly film series. This year, the films attracted an audience of over 2000. She also maintains a film program for inmates at the federal prison for women in Truro.


Just Food: Transforming Local and Global Connections

Dr Vandana Shiva is known internationally for her influence and passion as an environmental activist. She was first educated as a physicist and then completed her PhD in philosophy at the University of Western Ontario in 1978. She has described herself as an ecofeminist, arguing that feminism and environmentalism are inseparable.

In 1982, inspired by non-violent movements, she started her own Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology in her hometown in the foothills of the Himalayas. This organization is now called ‘Navdanya’ meaning ‘nine seeds’ and focuses on saving and distributing native seeds to local farmers as well as continuing grassroots networking on environmental issues. Using participatory research approaches, she and herorganisation address the concerns of biodiversity, conservation and small farmers' rights. She is also the Vice President of Slow Food International.

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Youth Activism and International Social Justice Conference

The Development Studies Program at St. Francis Xavier University, in collaboration with Dalhousie University's International Development Studies Department as well as the Coady International Institute, hosted a two-day (March 9 & 10) conference on Youth Activism and International Social Justice. This conference, supported by a grant from the Canadian Association for the Study of International Development (CASID), is a regional Maritime event designed to bring faculty and students interested in youth activism and international social justice issues from the various Maritime Universities together to learn, share and build bridges between our various institutions/programs/departments. Maritime based social justice organizations are encouraged to join in this conversation as well, as are young activists.

The rise of global activism, most recently evidenced through the interlinked movements of the Arab Spring, as well as the Occupy movements, has depended heavily on a younger generation committed to making change happen. At the heart of these movements is a response to global capital accumulation, and the rampant inequalities associated with it. Somewhere in the background is the ambiguous notion of international social justice, a term that sounds appealing but can be redefined in so many ways that it runs the risk of becoming meaningless. This conference aimed to add a Maritime conversation to these global shifts and changes, and takes place in the home of the Antigonish Movement, itself a response to an earlier wave of major capital upheaval – the Great Depression.

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