Policy on Continuations and Extensions

Please note that we are currently transitioning to a new campus wide policy on extensions and leaves recently approved by the StFX Committee on Graduate Studies and effective July 1, 2016.

The details can be found in the Graduate Studies Handbook and they are also copied below and the form at this link: http://sites.stfx.ca/graduate_studies/forms_for_theses

Note:  These changes extend to all graduate students at StFX and are effective July 1, 2016. They replace all earlier Department of Adult Education extension policies.

3.7 Extensions  

Students who have not completed their program requirements by the maximum time to completion (see Section 3.2) may apply to the AVPRGS for a maximum one-year program extension. An application for an extension will normally be submitted at least two months before the maximum time to completion. Extensions are deliberated on a case-by-case basis. They require a plan to outline how the program requirements will be completed in the extension year. If an extension is denied, no further registration or reinstatement will be permitted. If the extension is approved, students in program-fee based programs will be charged an extension fee (the equivalent of 6-credit tuition) for the extension period. A student who does not complete the degree requirements by the end of the extension period will be declared inactive and removed from the program. Students on extension are normally considered part-time. Completion of the AE500 phase of the program is  a pre requisite for being considered for a one-year extension in the M.Ad.Ed.

3.9 Leaves of Absence 

Circumstances can lead to situations in which graduate students are obliged to step away from their study. A leave of absence may be granted for a specific length of time, up to a maximum of one year. Examples of exceptional situations where a leave may be considered include: • Medical reasons • Family duress or unforeseen family responsibilities (including parental leave). • Pursuit of an employment opportunity that makes a positive contribution to the student’s graduate program. Requests for leaves of absence will be reviewed by the appropriate Graduate Studies Coordinator or Chair (and Supervisory Committee when appropriate) and approved by the relevant Dean. Leaves of absence are usually dependent upon students previously showing adequate progress in their program of studies. The request must be supported by documentation explaining the exceptional circumstances that would prevent continuation of the program during the period for which the leave applies. In addition, the request should include a plan for the return to the program. Once an initial leave of absence has been granted, additional leaves are only possible in extraordinary circumstances and require special approval by the AVPRGS. Students on leaves of absence are designated inactive, and the academic mentorship of the Supervisor and access to laboratories is suspended. Students on leaves are charged a nominal fee of $100, which allows them to maintain a WebFX account. Time that a student spends on a leave of absence does not count toward the maximum time for completion.


If you wish to apply for a leave of absence or a one-year extension in the program contact your advisor. Correspondence associated with such requests should be addressed to the Department Chair who will work with the Dean of Education and Committee on Graduate Studies to move student requests forward.