AQUA Program Activities

Watch for Aquatic Resources events and activity announcements.

AQUA Annual River Restoration Event

Who: AQUA students, first year through graduates (including friends, partners, and others...), are invited to participate!
What: demonstration of electro-fishing (if conditions are right), on-site discussion of habitat in the Antigonish area, physical activity (building an aquatic habitat enhancement structure), lots of free food and beverages...
When: late September annually (usually a Friday afternoon)
Where: James River, Antigonish County

AQUA Society Bowling

Who: AQUA Students, friends and other bowling superstars!
What: Wear funny shoes, bowling, food and prizes (no skills required to win).
When: Fall term
Where: The Bowling Alley on Post Road.... of course!

AQUA Holiday Gathering

Who: AQUA students, staff, faculty, and friends....
What: Good food, drinks, lots of laughs, and an opportunity to win an AQUA T-shirt!!
When: late November/early December annually
Where: TBA


Beach and/or River Clean-Ups

Whale Watching

Fundraising Activities.........Cancer Research, MS, Ryan's Well Foundation, etc.