Degree Programs and Career Options

1. Catholic studies courses are of interest to anyone who wants to learn more about Catholicism. Try them as electives.

2. Some students find Catholic Studies courses a good subject for a course pair (see the Calendar for more information).

3. If you're a little more interested than that, try a Catholic Studies minor.

4. Some reasons for going all the way and doing a Catholic Studies major:

  • You'd like a well-rounded, liberal arts education
  • You want to do graduate work in theology
  • You want to teach in a Catholic school system
  • You want to pursue a career in religious social work or education
  • You want to enter the seminary or a religious order

5. From time to time we also offer some of our core Catholic courses in distance education format (or part-time study at home). Send us an e-mail to find out what offerings we will have in the future.