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We Build Packages as Unique as our Clients

Taking your conference or event to the next level requires a little creativity but the results are more than worthwhile. We offer a broad array of options to enhance your time here at StFX University and in North Eastern Nova Scotia.

  • Booking locations, venues
  • Planning and booking transportation
  • Choosing and booking on-site food service
  • Finding group rates and specials were applicable
  • Matching your group with the right adventures and opportunities

Let us be your partner in planning and executing memorable moments that are special and unique to your conference or event. Have lobster on the beach at sunset, hit 18 holes in a Scottish kilt, hunt for fossils on the coast! No matter your wish, we work hard to make wishes reality.
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Leisure and Relaxation

There is a reason tourism is huge in Nova Scotia's highland heart. With fantasic beaches, challenging golf courses, hundreds of hiking and walking trails the Highland region is home to some of the best outdoor living in Atlantic Canda.

     Antigonish Golf & Country Club
     Over 10 beaches ( One Provincial Park)
     Over 20km of walking / hiking trails
     Sea kayaking
     Antigonish Highland Games




Retreats and Team Building

StFX University is home to one of Nova Scotia's most scenic and inspiring beachside retreats. Crystal Cliffs has played host to movie stars, boards of directors, companies, teams and a wide variety of users who've found inspiration in the rocky shores and historic setting.

As a service to our clients, we make this space available, complete with transportation to and from the venue on the StFX Xpress motorcoach. With a waterfront opening up on the mouth of Antigonish Harbour and full food service available at this location, it's perfect for groups of all sizes. Wide open green spaces leave plenty of room to set up additional space for temporary structures and relaxation space for your guests.



Professional Development

Whether it's an ice breaker or a strategic plan, we offer the training and development to help your team reach the next level. We partner with a variety of speakers, group leaders and professional development specialists who can take your team to the next level. These partnerships allow us to help make your conference a great opportunity for learning and personal growth. Regardless of what you're trying to accomplish, our partners in development can help you and your team achieve the success you're looking for. Visit Peak Experiences

     Sustainability Planning
     Strategic Planning
     Mission Statements, Role Clarification
     Team building Exercises
     Personal development and testing




Riding in Style - Transportation's Covered!

Often overlooked, transportation can always be challenging when you are trying to move large groups of people. Our partnership with Ambassador tours and our very own StFX-Press Motorcoach mean we've got transportation covered. We can work with you to ensure you get value for your investment and experience all our area has to offer.
The StFX-Press Motorcoach is equipped with full AC, WiFi internet and spacious reclining seats that make any trip enjoyable.


  • Flexible travel plans built for you
  • Comfortable and spacious
  • WiFi access on board
  • Ample storage room