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Dear Members of the StFX community,

There was a special meeting of the University Senate last evening to address proposed changes to the University Calendar for the 2013 Winter Term.

Please note that the following changes to the 2013 Winter Term have now been approved:

- Classes are extended by one week. The last day of classes is now Friday April 12

- The examination period will be Monday April 15 to Wednesday April 24 inclusive. (The detailed Examination Schedule will be posted by end of day on Friday February 22nd).

- The last day for students to drop winter term courses has been extended to Monday March 11.

- Spring Convocation will remain as originally scheduled; Sunday May 5.

Since some students will likely already have made important plans or commitments based on the previously published schedule, it is hoped that those teaching and holding examinations will make every effort to try to accommodate students who legitimately need such accommodation.

Thank you,
Mary B. McGillivray,
PhD Academic Vice-President and Provost

Dear Members of the StFX community,

I am pleased to advise that classes at StFX will resume on Monday, February 18th, at 8:15 a.m.

Additional details regarding the resumption of the term will be made available as soon as possible following a meeting of the University Senate.

We look forward to getting our students back to class and resuming the term.

Please watch the StFX website for updates:


Dr. Mary B. McGillivray
Academic Vice President and Provost
St. Francis Xavier University

To the StFX Community,

I am pleased to announce that the University has reached a tentative agreement with the Association of University Teachers. Classes are expected to resume on Monday.

With this agreement in place, the StFX Community can now refocus on its commitment to delivering the academic mission, providing the highest-quality education for our students.


Dr. Sean Riley

The chief negotiators from the University and the AUT are bringing results of today’s negotiations to their respective parties. A further update will be provided tomorrow.

Representatives from the University and the AUT met this morning in effort to resolve the current impasse. Progress was made, with the parties identifying elements, which contribute to the impasse.

The parties agreed to resume discussions this afternoon.

In response to a request to resolve the current impasse, StFX President Dr. Sean Riley agreed to meet with representatives of the Union. Dr. Riley, Academic Vice President & Provost Dr. Mary McGillivray, and Chief Negotiator Dr. Robert van den Hoogen will be attending on behalf of the University.

The meeting has been called for 10:30 am tomorrow morning.

Good morning,

Please see attached a letter from Dr. Sean Riley, President, StFX University.

On Friday, February 8th, the Executive Committee of the StFX Board of Governors directed the University’s Negotiating Team to extend an offer to the AUT Executive in an effort to resolve the impasse. The offer included an invitation to join the University in Interest Arbitration – Final Offer Selection, an option that would allow students to get back to class as early as next week.

In the early evening, the Union declined the University’s offer.

“We were disappointed to receive the AUT Executive’s decision,” said Dr. Sean Riley, President, StFX University . “From the University’s point of view, arbitration provides a logical way for both parties to deal with the remaining items that have resulted in an impasse, and would return students to class during the arbitration process.”

The University and the AUT have been negotiating a new contract for the last eight months, with the latest improved offers made by the University on February 5th and 7th.

Please see attached for a copy of the letter from StFX President, Dr. Sean Riley, to StFX AUT President, Dr. Peter McInnis. The letter was delivered to Dr. McInnis earlier this afternoon. It is also pasted below for your reference.

February 8, 2013

Dr. Peter McInnis
President StFX AUT

Dear Dr. McInnis,

Earlier this afternoon, the Executive Committee of the StFX Board of Governors met to discuss the ongoing AUT legal strike. The Executive Committee of the Board has noted that despite efforts by both sides, we are approaching an impasse in negotiations.

The Executive Committee of the Board has determined that it is imprudent for the University to negotiate further and, therefore, has directed the University to propose the following to the AUT Executive:

  1. The University extends to the AUT Executive its latest offer of Thursday, February 7th, and requests that the AUT Executive, under its normal processes, present the offer to the Membership.


  2. The University extends an invitation to the AUT Executive to join the University in “Interest Arbitration - Final Offer Selection” regarding the outstanding issues. Interest Arbitration - Final Offer Selection is an arbitration process that requires an arbitrator to select between the Union or University proposals, on an agreed to set of outstanding issues.
    In the event this option is acceptable to the AUT Executive, the University is prepared to enter into discussions regarding resumption of classes at the earliest possible date while awaiting the outcome of Interest Arbitration.

The Executive Committee of the StFX Board of Governors believes these options present both parties with an expedited means to resolve the outstanding issues, including restoring the students to classes as quickly as possible, as is desired by both parties.

A response by the AUT Executive to the above is requested at its earliest convenience. The Executive Committee of the Board has requested this offer be made public.

Dr. Sean Riley


After two meetings today, the University Negotiating Team presented a revised offer to the AUT Negotiating Team. No tentative agreement has been reached.

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