Dr. Donna MacDougall

Faculty: Professor
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Camden Hall
MSB C273


About Dr. MacDougall

Dr. Donna M. MacDougall is a professor in the Elizabeth & Thomas Rankin School of Nursing at St. Francis Xavier University as well as having adjunct status in the Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine at Dalhousie University. She completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the Canadian Center for Vaccinology in pediatric infectious diseases in 2010, a PhD at the University of Calgary, and a Master’s of Science with a clinical nurse specialty in Community Health at Syracuse University. She teaches courses in community health, health promotion & research methods.

Dr. MacDougall’s applied research program focuses on vaccine program implementation and evaluation and health policy research. She has methodological expertise in mixed methods, survey research and grounded theory. Currently Dr. MacDougall is a co-investigator with the PHAC/CIHR immunization research network that was established to provide Canada with a national capacity to undertake coordinated, evaluative research to inform public health policy relating to vaccine and vaccination. Her most recent research includes examining the impact of the BC influenza prevention policy on immunization rates in healthcare workers, the perspectives of Ontario parents regarding influenza immunization in school-based immunization programs and rapid surveillance for health events following a mass meningococcal vaccine program in a university setting. Dr. MacDougall is also a member of the Pharmacists as Immunizers (PAI) research team, which is exploring the role of pharmacists as immunizers and their impact on immunization rates and disease prevention in the Maritimes.