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St. Francis Xavier University
President and Vice Chancellor Selection Committee Mandate

St. Francis Xavier University By-Laws
Part I, Section 4, Article II

The President shall be appointed by the Board. A Selection Committee of seven members composed of three members of the Board appointed by the Board, two members of the Faculty appointed by the Faculty, a member of the student body appointed by the students, and the Chancellor as Chair, shall recommend to the Board the name of the person selected by it for President.

Such recommendation, in writing, shall be delivered to the Secretary of the Board within eight months of the date of the constitution of the Selection Committee, and failing any recommendations on its part within such period of eight months, the Board may proceed with the appointment.

In the event that the candidate recommended by the Selection Committee is not appointed by the Board, the Board shall:

a) Invite the Selection Committee to reconvene and recommend another person within a time limit specified by the Board; or
b) In the event the Selection Committee refuses to recommend another person, the Board may then appoint a new Selection Committee and direct it to make a recommendation within a time limit specified by the Board.