Dr. Tara Callaghan - My Homepage

Dr. Callaghan is Professor of Psychology at StFX. She is a developmental scientist, working in the fields of symbolic and prosocial development from a cultural perspective. She received her PhD in Psychology from Brown University, and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Yale University. Dr. Callaghan has been a visiting fellow at York University (UK) and Kyoto University (Japan). She has served as consulting editor for the journal Child Development, and has chaired the SSHRC Grants Selection Committee for Psychology.

Dr. Callaghan currently conducts cross-cultural research in her two research areas; symbolic and prosocial development. Her field sites are in small village settings in rural Andra Pradesh, India and Central Highlands, Peru. Dr. Callaghan’s symbolic development research has been conducted for the past three decades with collaborators in Canada, Japan, the US and Germany. Dr. Callaghan is currently collaborating on two projects in the area of prosocial development from a cultural perspective. Her collaborators include Dr. Felix Warneken (Harvard), Dr. Peter Blake (Boston University), Dr. Kathleen McAuliffe (Yale), and John Corbit (PhD candidate, Simon Fraser).