Laundry Facilities

We’re excited to announce an upgrade to our laundry facilities on campus in response to student demands for better machines and a move away from having to use quarters.

For the Fall 2011 semester we have implemented a new chip card based laundry system in all of our residences and improved the quality of the machines. In order to use this system you must have a new StFX Student ID card with a chip in it.

New students will automatically get this as their ID card.
Returning students will get their new card on September 7th as part of their check in process.

chip card
Once you have your ID with the chip, you will be able to add laundry funds to it at either the Student Union Building (Bloomfield) 3rd floor near the entrance to the stairway or the Keating Centre in the main lobby. You can pay with either Debit or Credit card.

Treat the funds on this card like cash. If you lose the card, you lose the funds attached to it.

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If you have any questions, please contact