New Entry Students



(MacIsaac Double Standard Room)


Click for photos and here for a list of furniture in the traditional rooms


Residence Services assigns rooms to confirmed new students. You must submit your residence application and you pay your $100 academic confirmation fee to the Admissions Office before an offer will be made.

Room offers are made on a first-come, first-serve basis in order of the date of payment.   

In our experience students have a better experience in the residences that we have designated for them: BishopsMacIsaacLane,CameronMacKinnon Mount Saint Bernard

Rooms will also be reserved for students enrolling in the Health StudiesHumanities or Social Justice Colloquiums and Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Email if you are a mature student or need medical accommodation. Students with medical needs are encouraged to complete a Medical Assessment Form with your doctor to ensure your housing needs are met.  


Residence Style House Type 2016/17 Rate Type
Traditional Bishops Hall Single $6,845.00

1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Co-ed by door.          

    Double $5,705.00  
Traditional Cameron &MacKinnon Double $5,455.00 Mostly 1st year. Co-ed by building. 
Traditional Lane Single $6,245.00 Mostly 1st year. Co-ed by floor.
    Double $5,210.00  
 Traditional MacIsaac Double $5,455.00  All 1st year. Co-ed by door.
Traditional Mount Saint Bernard Single $6,655.00 Preference given to Colloquium, Nursing, and Education students. Co-ed by door.


Meal Plans Guest passes Included 2016/17 Rates

10 Traditional Meals per week & $250 DCB



14 Traditional Meals per week & 300 DCB No $4,610.26
17 Traditional Meals per week & $250 DCB No $4,999.68
315 Block Plan & $250 DCB 10 $4,365.96
415 Block Plan & $300 DCB 20 $5,056.37
515 Block Plan & $250 DCB 30



*DCB, or declining balance is a debit system that allows students to purchase items at various cafes and coffee shops throughout campus. Additional blocks of taxable DCB can be purchased in $50 increments.
** Please note: The StFX University Board of Governors review the residence rates annually and therefore the rates are subject to change. The final residence rates will be posted on the website after the June Board of Governors meeting.