Student Research Ethics Guidelines

A. Purpose of the committee:

The Department acknowledges the pedagogical benefits of engaging students in primary research. Part of the educational process involves learning the relevance and importance of ethical conduct in research.

The primary responsibility of the Student Research Ethics Committee (henceforth, the Ethics Committee) is to determine whether a student research project meets the ethical standards outlined in the Tri-Council Policy Statement. The committee is also responsible for providing the ”Application to Conduct Research” forms and maintaining a record of the approval process in the department office.

B. Composition of committee

The Ethics Committee shall consist of two elected department members (one-year terms) and the Chair of the department as an ex officio member.

C. Application

An "Application to Conduct Research" will be completed by the student(s) for review by the Ethics Committee before data collection. Copies of consent forms, questionnaires, interview schedules, or any other relevant material should be attached to the application. One application per project should be submitted to the Ethics Committee (i.e., for a group project, one application would be filed).

Application forms are available in the following formats:

Application to Conduct Research: Word format
Application to Conduct Research: PDF format

D. Approval process

Primary research done by students must be conducted under the supervision of a faculty advisor (e.g., course instructor, thesis supervisor). The faculty advisor should supervise the preparation and submission of the student(s) “Applications to Conduct Research”. The advisor will read and approve each application prior to its submission to the Ethics Committee. Once received the Ethics Committee will normally consider the Application within one week. In cases where the Committee requires further information, the student and faculty advisor may be consulted.

E. Retaining consent forms

In keeping with Tri-Council guidelines, consent forms are to be retained by the faculty advisor (acting as the primary researcher).