Black Student Advising


The mandate of the Black Student Advisor’s Office is to promote the awareness of the need for increased access, recruitment and retention of indigenous Black students, while encouraging education equity for all within the university environment. We assist Blacks students in making the transition and adjustment to the challenges of University life while creating an awareness and appreciation of African Canadian culture and history in the greater campus community.
We also:
  • Advise black students so as to help them be successful both academically and socially
  • Act as an advocate for Black students on such matters of discrimination and harassment
  • To assist and support new, prospective and returning students of African descent
  • Act as a liaison between the University and various stakeholders invested in the advancement of black learners



 African Canadian Student Guide


Black Educators Bursary Fund

Scholarships from African Canadian services division

Student Society:

StFX has a number of student societies interested in raising cultural awareness. The Believers and Leaders for Arfri-Canadian students (BLAC Student Society) is a group open to all students who are interested in learning more about black culture and creating opportunities to increase accessibility to post-secondary education for African Nova Scotian students. The BLAC Student society plans and organize several events each year including, Afric-Carabanza, Kwanzaa, Run against Racism and African Heritage Month, as well as collaborating with other student societies on various other events.





Community contacts:
African Nova Scotia Affairs
African Diaspora Association of the Maritimes

The Black Educators Association
2136 Gottingen Street, Halifax, NS,
B3K 3B3                                                                                                                    
Tel: (902) 424-7036 Fax: (902) 424-0636                                                                                                                                       
Toll Free: 1 (800) 565-3398                                                                                                         
Contact address:                                                                                   

African Canadian Services Division:

Brunswick Place
2012 Brunswick Street
P.O. Box 578
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3J 2S9
Phone: (902)424-3151
Fax: (902)424-7210

Black Student Advising Contact Information:
Black Students Lounge
Immaculata 410

Currently Vacant Please contact the Student Life Office at

  KWANZAA 2011


Contact the Black Student Advisor:

Michael Fisher
Room 410 Immaculata Hall