2014-2015 Academic Planning Data

A key recommendation of the final report of the Presidential Task Force (2014) was the development of a more systematic approach to collecting, sharing and using institutional data. This website will serve as a repository for data to support academic departments and programs as they plan for the future.

These 2015 data tables are modeled on some of the tables used during the Presidential Task Force (PTF) review. In some cases, tables have been renamed or renumbered to remove references to the PTF criteria and context. (Original Task Force 2014 tables are still available through the link on the left.) There are also two new tables: one showing graduates in Joint Major programs (Table 4A) and one comparing enrolment to FTE complement by Faculty (Table 6A).

The goal moving forward is to add more updated versions of some of the PTF tables, as well as new tables and summary reports of data from different sources, such as the National Survey of Student Engagement.

Note: When reviewing enrolment data, it is important to keep in mind the same methods and definitions are applied to all departments and programs. In other words, departmental-level results are not customized to account for individual anomalies in program design.  

Please note that this is confidential information to be used in conjunction with standard university practices for internal use only. Questions regarding this information should be directed to the Academic VP & Provost, StFX University.

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