2015-2016 Academic Planning Data


A key recommendation of the final report of the Presidential Task Force (2014) was the development of a more systematic approach to collecting, sharing and using institutional data. This website serves as a repository for data that can support academic departments and programs as they plan for the future.

We continue to revise and refine the tables as we work toward a more streamlined and precise approach. We follow a number of basic principles:
• Enrolment data is given from September 1 of the previous year to August 31 of the year listed. In other words, we include the academic year as well as spring and summer.
• In the interest of transparency, all data is given for all departments.
• In order to demonstrate trends, data is shown for 10 years whenever possible.
• The table notes explain how data is generated. Specific questions can be addressed to gsampson@stfx.ca.

Note: When reviewing enrolment data, it is important to keep in mind the same methods and definitions are applied to all departments and programs. In other words, departmental-level results are not customized to account for individual anomalies in program design.  


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