With the goal of ensuring we remain a sustainable, high quality institution with a promising future, in June 2013 the Board of Governors, responding to an earlier motion by faculty members serving on the Board,  approved the Terms of Reference for the Presidential Task Force: Sustaining the Academic Priorities at StFX.  This representative Task Force was directed with undertaking a program prioritization process which would lead to a comprehensive examination of all of StFX's programs and services.  The Task Force was given the responsibility for identifying priorities to support the strategic direction for StFX as a nationally recognized, high quality, mainly undergraduate institution with graduate programs in key strategic areas.  The recommendation was that the University use a process such as the one outlined in Prioritizing Academic Programs and Services (2010)  authored by Robert Dickeson. This is a university-wide process that involves faculty, administration, staff and students in analyzing and prioritizing all programs and services. In turn, the prioritization process identifies programs and services that are functioning effectively, those that would benefit from enhancement and those that could be restructured or to be discontinued to free resources for more important initiatives.

Academic prioritization is about better resource allocation, considering people, space and money as our key resources. As we go through times where we need to restrain spending or have opportunities to enhance it, it is important that we enable and support what we collectively consider most valuable to the University. StFX intends to learn from this process and use it as part of an integrated budgeting and planning approach to be used in the future to inform resource allocation and program development and renewal.