Testing Accommodations at StFX:

  1. The first step to take to arrange for testing accommodations at StFX is to make an appointment with our Coordinator, Elizabeth Kell. Elizabeth will prepare a “Letter of Accommodation” that you will bring to your Professors to arrange for the testing accommodations that have been recommended for you. Please use our Online Meeting Booking Page to book your appointment

  1. You will then take your Letter of Accommodation to your professors as soon as you can to talk about the testing accommodations that you would like to put in place. Please meet with Professors in their offices during office hours, and not in the classroom after class. You will be able to have a much better talk about accommodations in the office setting than you will when everyone is moving on to the next class.

  1. As soon as your professors have posted quiz, test and exam dates and times, please download and complete the StFX 2016-2017 TEST-EXAM REQUEST FORM - and email that form to Jacquie Wilson (jwilson@stfx.ca).  Please note that we require 3 BUSINESS DAYS notice to accommodate any testing requests – we need that time to book rooms and proctors.

  1. Please also read and sign the StFX 2016-2017 TEST-EXAM AGREEMENT (file download link below or click on this hyperllink). We will need to have your signed form on file before you can start testing. 

  1. Please remind your professors at least 3 days before every quiz, test or exam that you will be testing at the Centre for Accessible Learning. If the professor has any problem with providing a test, please ask him or her to call us at x5349, or to email Jacquie Wilson (jwilson@stfx.ca), to talk about options. This reminder step is important because professors will not send quizzes, tests or exams to our Centre unless you have asked them to do so in advance.

  1. Please report to the Tramble Rooms (Room 424 Bloomfield) a few minutes before the testing time.

  1. Please keep the lines of communication open with our staff about the testing accommodations that you have put in place. If those accommodations are not working for you then we will need to know about that to make helpful changes. We encourage you to do this because we want you to be able to truly show what you know on all quizzes, tests and exams.

  1. Please also contact us if your testing schedule changes so that we can notify proctors.

  1. Finally, it is always good practice to talk with your professors after all testing to get their input so that you can make appropriate changes to your studying or testing strategies. 


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