Tramble Rooms - Centre for Accessible Learning

The Program for Students with Disabilities, now The Tramble Rooms - Centre for Accessible Learning, was established in 1989 by Mary Ellen Clancy. Our staff welcomes students with documented disabilities and offers them a student-centered program of support. Working with our knowledgeable staff, students with disabilities become effective self-advocates and active participants in the StFX community and beyond. Many students in our program assume leadership roles in their classes, residences or campus societies, and many have gone on to successful careers in teaching, law, business, social work, fitness, and computer technology. 

The Centre for Accessible Learning is located on the fourth floor of the Students' Union Building, Bloomfield Centre.  Program staff are located in Room 424 Bloomfield Centre where new and returning students come for help with program planning, study skills, time management, tutoring, exam accommodations, audio texts, adaptive technology and disability grant applications. The text-to-speech software, Read and Write Gold, is available to all students on campus through our site license. The Tramble Rooms are named in honor of Judge Donnie Tramble, an alumnus of StFX, whose life inspired his classmates to create an endowment fund to support students with disabilities.