Proctoring Support

Staff at the Tramble Centre for Accessible Learning can provide proctoring support for students in your classes with permanent disabilities who require testing accommodation. Students must have a documented disability to qualify for proctoring support from our program.  

The Testing Program operates from our Centre in Room 108, Angus L MacDonald Library
Please note that students must initiate contact with a professor regarding testing in our Centre and students must notify our office of the date and time of the test/exam. Reminder emails will be sent to students prior to December and April exams, and during midterm quizzes, if possible, to encourage students to meet these deadlines.
Due to issues regarding confidentially and disclosure, students will not be allowed to pick up tests/exams from faculty members. 
The following options are available for the delivery of tests and exams:
  1. Drop tests off at the Tramble Centre for Accessible Learning, 108 Angus L MacDonald Library
  2. Email tests to us at in the form of an attachment
  3. Send tests via Campus Mail to Centre for Accessible Learning, Box 173
*Please make sure that you include the following information with your test:
            a.) Professor’s name, course name & number
            b.) Name of student(s) writing
            c.) Date & time of the test/exam
            d.) Length of test/exam
            e.) Any aids permitted (i.e. calculator, books, articles, 3 x 5 note cards)
            f.) Method of return (i.e. campus mail, pick up at TR, student return)
These options have worked successfully in the past. Completed tests can either be picked up at the Tramble Centre during business hours or returned through campus mail as specified by the instructor. All standard precautions are taken to ensure the integrity of the testing process, and to secure completed tests in a locked cabinet.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about testing options, or have concerns about resources for persons with disabilities: 867-5349 /
Thank you for your support.