Accessing Services - Book a Meeting

Students should arrange a meeting with Elizabeth Kell, the Coordinator of the Centre for Accessible Learning, to talk about their individual needs for academic accommodation, and to access our services.

PLEASE USE THIS HYPERLINK TO GO TO OUR MEETING BOOKING WEBSITE. If this is your first visit to that site, please use the "First Visit" link to Register on that site and then login to book a meeting. 

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Students providing appropriate documentation will be able to register with our Centre up to two weeks prior to the end of classes each semester. 

Students wanting to set up academic accommodation must provide relevant supporting documentation outlining a permanent disability. Documentation must be prepared by a regulated health professional (e.g., a physician, psychiatrist, registered psychologist). We will work with you to put in place the accommodations recommended in the documentation you provide.

The following list outlines the categories of professionals who would provide the type of documentation that would be required to register with our Program:

Learning Disability: a psychologist, psychiatrist, neurologist or speech language pathologist might provide a psycho educational assessment, a neuropsychological assessment or a speech-language assessment

ADHD/ADD: a diagnosis from a psychologist/ psychoeducational assessment

Mental Health: a diagnosis from the DSM IV by a psychologist, psychiatrist, or other appropriate medical professional

Hearing Impairment: an audiologist's assessment

Visual Impairment: a report from a medical professional

Mobility Impairment: a report prepared by a physician or a medical professional/specialist

Medical Condition:  a report prepared by a physician or a medical professional/specialist

Aspergers’ Syndrome: a report prepared by a psychologist or other appropriate medical professional

The documentation you provide us should meet the following criteria:

  • Documentation should be current, dated within the last 5 years for students with learning disabilities, and within the last year for students with medical disabilities. Documentation should be updated periodically, particularly for students with chronic medical conditions.
  • Documentation should include the results of individual testing batteries or a summary of results where possible, or include a note stating that the results of such tests would be disclosed with permission of the student.
  • Documentation should list any prescribed medications, possible side effects, and expected effects on academic performance.
  • Documentation should provide detailed recommendations for strategies and academic accommodations that the student should put in place in the academic setting. The medical professional preparing the documentation should indicate how recommended strategies and accommodations would affect, positively, a student's learning. 

** Please note:  Students wishing to write tests or exams under accommodated conditions must submit a Test Request FORM at least three (3) business days in advance of the testing date to ensure service. As soon as you know your testing schedule PLEASE USE THE LINK ON THE LEFT to download a test-booking form, and email that form to Jacquie Wilson ( to guarantee a spot in our testing rooms. THANKS!