Scholarships and Awards


 Department Awards 

M.Ad.Ed. Graduate Student Awards

Every year in January, we award the Marie Gillen and the John Dobson Awards to students registered in the Master of Adult Education program. To assist students entering the program for the first time we also offer the Allan Quigley Adult Education Access Award. And, to acknowledge a graduating student we offer the Audrey Fenwick Memorial Award 

The Allan Quigley Adult Education Access Award  
This award will be available to students beginning the StFX M.Ad.Ed. program. The funds are made possible by donations from Dr. Allan Quigley and students, graduates, and other faculty members in the program. It may be awarded to a student(s) accepted into the program who demonstrates the need for financial assistance in travelling to, or attending, the Foundations Institute. As a secondary option, it may be available for the student’s tuition, based on demonstrated need. Preference will be given to those working in the field of adult literacy. The award is contingent upon attending a Foundations Institute in the 12-month period following the award being given. If there are no applications from students accepted into the program in any given year, this award may be granted to those at the exam or thesis stage, with preference given to those working in adult literacy. 

The recipient of the Allan Quigley Award will be asked to write a thank you letter to Dr. Alan Quigley.  

The Marie Gillen Award 
The Marie Gillen Award is awarded in honour of a retired faculty member and professor in our department. This award was made possible by funds donated by graduates and current students of the adult education program. The first award was given in the 2002–2003 year. At the request of Marie Gillen, students eligible for this award are females currently enrolled in good standing in the program who have completed both the AE500 and AE510 phases of the program. Preference will be given to women who are fostering, through their master’s program research, the development of women in Canada. Applicants should be engaged in the field of education, health care, social services, or another closely allied helping profession, and working directly with women.  

The recipient of the Marie Gillen Award will be asked to write a 500-word article for Serendipity and a thank you letter to Dr. Marie Gillen. 


The John Dobson Award 
The John Dobson Award is given in honour of a faculty member who died tragically while he was a member of this department in the 1980s. Again, the funds were made possible by donations from students, graduates, and the Dobson family. This award is given to a student who is at the exam stage, or at/near the thesis stage. The topic must be one that honours the legacy of John Dobson in international work. Preference will be given to those who have conducted projects with an international focus or context. Students who believe they might be eligible for these awards should contact their faculty advisors.  

The recipient of the John Dobson Award will be asked to write a 500-word article for Serendipity and a thank you letter to the John Dobson family. 

The Audrey Fenwick Memorial Award  
In memory of Audrey Fenwick’s proud and close association with St. Francis Xavier University, in 2014 her family established an award in recognition of excellence and scholarship for a graduating student in the Masters of Adult Education program. This award is awarded once a year to a graduating student who has demonstrated academic excellence throughout the program. The Faculty in the Department of Adult Education will make the selection based on the above criteria.  

The recipient of the Audrey Fenwick Award will be asked to write a thank you letter to  the Fenwick family. 


University Awards  

The StFX Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award 
Eligible students must have completed a thesis in the current academic year. The thesis should represent the highest level of scholarship and a significant contribution to the understanding of current issues, problems, or interests in the field. The conclusions of the research should advance theory, knowledge, and/or professional practice. The scope of the research should be adequate for the problem or issue under consideration. The thesis should demonstrate a high caliber of writing. The thesis should be nominated by the thesis advisor with a letter of support from one other faculty member and an external evaluator. Nominations and supporting documentation must be received by the Chair of Graduate Studies no later than March 15 for Spring Convocation. Announcement of the award will be made at the convocation at which the candidate will graduate. 

External Awards 
CASAE Student Paper Award 
The purpose of this award is to recognize the best student paper presented at the annual conference of the Canadian Association for the Study of Adult Education. See the CASAE website for information on the annual conference at  

CAUCE Graduate Student Research Award for Continuing Education 
The purpose of the award is to recognize a graduate thesis or dissertation that makes a distinct contribution to university continuing education. The deadline is February 1 each year (may vary). For more information, visit the CAUCE website at