Michael MacFarlane

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Immaculata Hall
MichaelMacFarlane Frank's Cove The Old Shop Landscape  
Frank's Cove
8 x 10"
Oil on masonite
The Old Shop
8 x 10"
Oil on masonite
Past the Second Gate
8 x 10"
Oil on masonite

I was born and raised in Antigonish. Save for a few years spent exploring and studying, I have lived most of my life in this region. I am presently producing representational landscapes. When not teaching at St. FX I devote as much time as possible to sketching and painting.

In January 2012 I commenced painting a series of landscapes of sacred spaces in Antigonish County; the fields and woods of my family’s farm are embossed with my childhood adventures through trees and meadows, down lanes, over fences. I have been drawing as of late - additional locations (ink and paper) around our homestead.

I come onto “Winter” in the haunting late-afternoon light in the vastness of my settings; the push and pull of the emptiness and the possibilities are contained therein. I work with photos and drawings of each particular place; initially I aim to get a good representation of the place, and I allow my response to develop organically. I am engaged in an ongoing love affair with the movement of paint, how it responds to me, or does not. I am excited by the results of my various attempts and manipulations.

I am moving through the phases of a significant journey, a return, and for me this transition is laced with seduction and uncertainty. My relationship to these spaces is a journey unto the self. I look to the expanse for answers: what does this place teach me about who I am? I welcome the voyeur because I feel that familiar yet foreign sights are a portal to our own stories. Landscapes allow us to look at ourselves, without directly confronting ourselves. Because landscapes are portraits once removed, the viewer can look inward and feel without burdening oneself with the calamity of making too great an importance of who we are. Yet we are allowing ourselves to recognise that we are indeed everything: We are humbled by landscape because we cannot attach more importance to ourselves than to this land which sustains us. We are just a piece of it, the whole thing, and my feelings are not all that important, but at the same time, they are everything: I am just snow in the woods, snow just like every other snowfall, snow like no other snow elsewhere.

Courses taught:
100 Drawing 6 credits
200 Painting I 6 credits

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