Odile TĂȘtu

(902) 867-2172
Immaculata Hall
Odile Têtu 'Kasan Village, Hazelton, BC Lake Moraine, Banff National Park  
'Kasan Historical Village, 2007
Private Collection
Lake Moraine, Banff National Park, 2007

Odile Têtu began her professional career over 20 years ago after attending universities in Ottawa and Monreal, were she studied under masters Michel Goulet and Pierre Granche. Têtu has had eight solo art exhibitions and her detailed botanical studies of insects and birds were exhibited at the Botanical Gardens in Montreal and the Frederiksberg Botanical Gardens in Copenhaen, Denmark. In 1993, Têtu was invited by Sola Gallery in Itaca, New York to take part in a show with Cornell University's botanical illustrator Bente Starcke King. In 1996, after moving to Antigonish county, the StFX Biology department sponsored an exhibition of her work at the StFX Art Gallery because of her works inspiring scientific and artistic qualities. Têtu now paints and etches the maritime landscape. She relies upon the strength and beauty of nature for inspiration. She has been a member of the Society of Antigonish Printmakers since 1996.

Courses taught:
100 Drawing  6 Credits
231 Etching I 3 Credits
232 Etching II 3 Credits
240 Pastels 3 Credits
298 Special Topic: Printmaking 3 Credits