Ruth Young

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Immaculata Hall
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Molly Thomason
Through The Static
CD cover
Photo: Emery G
Alain LeBlanc
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Cover Photo: Michael Daly
Photo Alain LeBlanc: La Maison De L’Image
Antigonight 2011
Photo courtesy of Liliona Quarmyne

A freelance visual communication designer, adult educator, and artist, Young received her Master of Adult Education (2003) from StFX University and her Bachelor of Design in Visual Communications Design (1990) from NSCAD University. She won a GDC Atlantic Canada Graphic Design Award (1990) for her visual literacy workshops. Her series of retrospective theatre posters are on permanent display at StFX's Bauer Theatre. Young's work has been exhibited in duo and group shows in Canada and Japan. For two years in the mid-90's, she taught English in Japan. She holds a CELTA certificate from Cambridge University. Ruth's freelance work includes Molly Thomason's CD Through The Static, Great Blue Heron Writing Workshop promotional material, and The Alcove Bistro & Lounge signage, ads, and print material. Ruth is currently on the board of the Antigonish Culture Alive arts council. She co-facilitated a five session pilot, Creative Expressions, in conjunction with the StFX Counselling Centre autumn 2009. Ruth is currently working on a series of ebook publications.

Courses taught:
115 Introduction to Design 3 credits
125 Materials and Methods 3 credits

Studio: 863-2062, Cell: 870-5562