Past Exhibitions 2014

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2014 Past Exhibitions

"Estate of Mine" - Teresa Marshall
"Fabricated Evidence" - Doug Guildford
"Art Department Student Exhibition"
"Dr JH Gillis Regional High School Student Exhibition"
"Rare Reflections" - Hilary Rice
"Capture Nova Scotia 2014: Nova Scotia Realism"
Annual 2014 Art Department Faculty Exhibition
"Water, Wood and Wind" - Jayé Ouellette
"BAGATELLES & Further Layers" - Anna Torma 

“Fort Anne & the Virtual Reality” by Felicity Redgrave, RCA        April 16 - May 29, 2015 

About the Show

Revisiting the artist's Night/Space collection from the mid-80s and juxtaposed with her current Fort Anne series, this exhibition offers a glimpse into Redgrave's intense observations on our shared realities.

B. Campbell

Redgrave has developed a language of abstraction that peels open traditional connotations of land- and seascapes, and portraits and still life painting. Redgrave’s contrasting vocabularies may be off-putting at first but reward close examination.  Scenes may seem to mirror the layered and networked aesthetic of our wi-fied world but more so they unveil the celestial auras donned by physical objects (and vice versa).

G. Martin


January 8 - February 6, 2015

'Billow & Well' by Adele McFarlane


31 October - 5 December

"BAGATELLES & Further Layers" - Anna Torma

 Guest Curator: Tila Kellman




Anna Torma's multilayered, embroidered and painted silk tapestries seethe with brilliantly coloured fantasies, facts and curiosity about life, especially her life, as she does not separate her life from her art. Her virtuoso installation,Bagatelles (2012), embraces viewers in a colourful extravaganza narrating imaginative scenes of biography and biology, paradise and nightmare. Having grown up on a farm in Hungary, Torma is completely at ease in her garden as the site of real life and source of metaphors for love, lust, nourishment, poesy, as well as evil and fear of the unknown. Her narrative montages flow freely between representation and language, juxtaposing floral anatomy with the alphabet while questioning your role life. Adam and Eve often activate these scenes of screaming trees bending uder storms of language, monstrous guardians roaring among fire-breathing serpents and barking dragons, all watched over by children, cats, and trickster smurfs. While the images might be hers, the stories are ultimately yours. 

This exhibition at StFX marks Torma's turn from colourful narratives towards linear abstraction in an austere palette of black and white. As she explores the depths of transparent layers of silk, we follow her venture into uncertainty as a shifty destination, as she strips away the familiar, working in layers that can be switched around so that their "plans" are defeated. 

Torma stands at the forefront of a world artists whose craft-based practices demand recognition as fine art. With its vivid and earthy post-feminist concerns with domesticity, desire and finding one's way through life's conundrums, Torma's work has won acclaim throughout Canada and the U.S., Europe and China. 



October 2 - 29

"Water, Wood and Wind" - Jayé Ouellette



September 11

The Annual 2014 StFX Fine Arts Faculty Exhibition 

The StFX Art Gallery marks the beginning of the academic year with the Annual StFX Fine Arts Faculty Exhibition There is an Opening Reception this Thursday September 11th at 5:30 pm. Everybody is cordially invited and refreshments will be served. The exhibition is on display through to September 30th.

This is a stellar exhibition by a wonderful group of talented and dedicated professional visual artists who, every year, share their expertise, experience and insights with hundreds of StFX students in a wide variety of courses. On display will be works by Janette Fecteau, Kate Brown Georgallas, Murray Gibson, Sharon Jan, Michael MacFarlane, Andy MacLean, Fenn Martin, Margaret Nicholson, William Rogers, Anna Syperek, Odile Têtu, and Ruth Young. Visitors to this exhibition will see a variety of works in various mediums. For information on the Fine Art Department and Faculty please visit:

July 3 - September 5

"Capture 2014: Nova Scotian Realism"



Summer 2014 begins at the StFX University Art Gallery withCapture 2014: Nova Scotian Realism. As the title indicates the underlying theme is representational art. This is a large group exhibition curated by Tom Smart and Peter Dykhuis in association with Professional Living Artists of Nova Scotia (PLANS).  Visitors to this exhibition will be treated to over 30 pieces that demonstrate the incredible skills needed to work in this very demanding art form.

The exhibition commences with an opening reception Wednesday 2 July at 7:00 PM refreshments will be served and everybody is cordially invited.

On exhibit will be works by Alan Bateman, Douglas Boutiller, Malcolm Callaway, Anthony Clementi, Richard Davis, Tom Forrestall, Peter di Gesu, Susan Gibson, Christopher Gorey, Peter Gough, Adam Gunn, Paul Hannon, Ed Huner, Derrick Dale Johnson, Joy Snihur Wyatt Laking, Gord MacDonald, Katie Melanson, Shelly Mitchell, Onni Nordman, Jayé Ouellette, Susan Patterson, Mary Reardon, Steven Rhude, Anna Syperek, Tom Ward, and Ambera Wellmann.

The StFX Art Gallery is located on the 1st floor Bloomfield Centre next to the University Bookstore.  Summer hours commence Wednesday July 2 and run through to  Friday  September 5 . Hours are 12:00 to 5:00 PM, Monday - Friday, closed Weekends and Holidays.

The StFX University Art Gallery gratefully acknowledges our Season Sponsor, The MacLeod Group, and Exhibition Sponsors, A.A. Munro Insurance and High-Crest Enterprises.

This exhibition is organized by the Dalhousie Art Gallery in association with Professional Living Artists of Nova Scotia (PLANS). Curatorial research has been funded by the Robert Pope Foundation with project support from the Craig Foundation. Gratefully acknowledged is the additional support of: The Black Family; Moore Executive Suites and Oceanstone Seaside Resort; Premiere Self Storage; Spanish Bay Inn, Sydney and the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

For more information please phone the Gallery at 867-2303 or

The show runs through to Friday September 5.  From Antigonish the exhibition tours to the Cape Breton University Art Gallery and then in 2015 to Acadia University Art Gallery.


Nova Scotia has a long and distinguished history of realist painting. As early as the eighteenth century, portraitists, landscape painters, still life painters and ships’ portraitists all set down in paint accurate descriptions of people, places and objects. They set the foundation of an important, dynamic artistic and cultural movement that was significantly developed over the last century, particularly in post-World War II Nova Scotia. The paintings and drawings that are preserved in public and private collections now define who we are as a province, and what distinguishes us as a vibrant part of the national culture. 

Perhaps the most well known exemplars of this mode of painting are Nova Scotians Alex Colville and Tom Forrestall and their followers, who have been grouped under the category of “magic realists.” These artists developed a nationally and internationally important school of painting that is directly associated with the rich cultural history of Nova Scotia. In the rich cultural mosaic that characterizes the province, magic realism and realist painting grow from roots in this province, in the same manner that paintings of the Group of Seven are closely linked to central Canadian forests and hinterlands, and other regional schools provide visual emblems for shared experience.

From the groundwork that has been laid by these two Nova Scotian artists and their contemporaries and peers, a vibrant, diverse and important school of realist art has emerged and grown in this province. It is part of our identity at home, across the country and internationally. Realism is a Nova Scotian cultural ambassador, a key element in the composition of our multi-cultural identity. It helps us to express who we are to ourselves and to our neighbours. It also drives an element of our economic prosperity. 

Capture 2014: Nova Scotian Realism is a contemporary survey of how twenty-eight Nova Scotian artists are developing the tradition of realist art. The exhibition, comprising paintings that have been created since 2010, is pluralistic in nature. Many different approaches to the realist mode are represented in the exhibition. The curatorial approach reflects the diversity of expressions within this mode. The work has been organized into categories that reflect different ways and methods that the selected artists are adopting and adapting Realism to reflect their unique experiences as artists, and as citizens of Nova Scotia.  

 The categories are based on the concept of “capturing” experience, place or ideas through Realism.

Thus, the groupings show how artists capture the landscape or scenes directly, on site by painting en plein air or by using site-specific activity as the basis for translating or fixing the experience of place in studio work. Other rubrics reflect how some of the artists are capturing landscape and creatures in uncanny and magical atmosphere; are creating visual simulacra and metaphors to engender perceptualist experiences; are interpreting fluid moments, the passage of time, the transitory nature of life and land; are interpreting human objects and the built environment; are quoting historical process and styles, or are adapting tradition-based technique and media; are modifying photographic and  digitally based description to create metaphors of the miraculous nature of the ordinary or pointing to dystopian narratives; and others are developing unique statements within the logic figuration, expressive realism, illustratively-based styles and social realisms.

 Documentary, interpretive, Capture  2014: Nova Scotian Realism seeks to dispel common assumptions about the nature of realist art by exhibiting paintings by living artists who are working within and pushing its boundaries. Above all, the exhibition’s curatorial impetus is inclined to question received notions of Realism in a contemporary context.


April 24 - May 30

Exhibition: "Rare Reflections" - Hilary Rice

 The StFX University Art Gallery concludes its 2013-2014 Academic Year with “Rare Reflections” by Hilary Rice. “Rare Reflections” will be on display through to May 30th. Everyone invited

Rice is an award-winning textiles and mixed media artist. People have claimed that her work “virtually sings!” Rice’s deep connection with her media allows her personal background in music, among other aspects of her personality, to resonate in her work. The greatest achievement of “Rare Reflections” is, as its title suggests, that it gives us a glimpse into a world that is inseparably cosmic and personal. The aim is to transform each piece of art into a bridge to a more sacred place; one which attempts to draw the viewer in to seek a more profound connection with the divine.  In one of her Artist Statements, Rice quotes ‘The Amber Spyglass’ by Philip Pullman: “The whole universe is alive and everything is connected to everything else by threads of meaning.”

Hilary holds a Bachelor of Music Degree from Queen’s University, as well as a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Toronto. She has held over 10 solo shows and has been a part of approximately 60 Juried and Group exhibits across Canada in the past 12 years alone. She holds a number of awards for her art, including first place awards in National Juried shows held in Halifax, NS and St. John’s, NL. Most recently, she received Honourable Mention for her piece entitled “Beetle Beauties” at a show held in Belleville, ON. Hilary is a very active member of the art realm; she is currently a member of the Canadian Quilter’s Association and the Surface Design Association, and instructs various workshops across Canada on techniques in textiles and mixed media.

The StFX University Art Gallery gratefully acknowledges our Season Sponsor, The MacLeod Group, and Exhibition Sponsors, A.A. Munro Insurance, and High-Crest Enterprises.


April 14 - April 20

Dr JH Gillis Regional High School Student Exhibition

This exhibit showcases a spectrum of raw emotions in different media including repurposed books and cd cases, origami, and a particular sculpture made of found, reworked industrial materials entitled, “Universal Cosmos” by Garrett van den Weil. The show highlights the strong work of talented teens who are also part of the International Baccalaureate (IB) art program.

March 20 - April 11

Art Department Student Exhibition

The StFX Art Department concludes the 2013/2014 academic year with its Annual Exhibition of Student Art at the University Art Gallery March 20th - April 11th. There is an opening reception on Thursday March 20th commencing at 7:00 pm. Refreshments will be served and everybody is cordially invited.

“Contemporary society is replete with visual stimuli and therefore it is important to know what these images mean. Visual imagery is a powerful means of communicating social, political, and spiritual ideologies. Our goal in the Art Department is to teach StFX students the importance of understanding images: studio art classes teach students how images are created; art history classes teach students how to understand the social power of images.”

 This exhibition showcases works completed in the many Art Studio courses offered by the Art Department. Three outstanding works from each studio class will be on display. Visitors to the gallery will see batik, botanical illustration, clay, drawing, design, painting, printmaking, stained glass and tapestry. An incredibly vibrant exhibition, this is a great chance to see young talent at its best!

In addition, the winners of this year’s Angus F. Macgillivray Studio Art Bursary are being featured.

The bursary, designed to encourage young artists, is named in honour of the late Angus F. Macgillivray who was a faculty member in the StFX Art Department. Most of the wood carving in the University Chapel is his work. The 2014 recipients are Pauline Cameron, Emma Dowd, and Sydny Loughlin. Three works from each of these outstanding students will be on display.

February 7 - February 28

"Fabricated Evidence" - Doug Guildford