Starting in Biology Research

Procedure for getting a summer undergraduate research position in Biology at StFX

  • Decide on an area of research interest.
  • Find a research supervisor by talking to a professor whose research interests overlap with yours (by mid January). Note: this is a requirement - you must have a supervisor to apply for funding.
  • Fill out and submit an NSERC USRA application to the Biology main office by late January (check with the Biology office for the yearly deadline). Note: although this is an NSERC application, it is also an application for StFX's internal UCR awards and Biology's Jack L. McLachlan and Leo P. Chiasson awards. There is one application process for all 3 types of awards.


  • You can hold a research position during any summer of your degree (particulary after your 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th year).
  • This is not the only way to get or fund a summer research position - there are others.
  • Awards are not limited to Honours students.
  • You need not plan to work for the entire summer to receive an award.