Student Jobs in Biology


Applications for Winter term student lab demonstrators in Biology are now open and available below.  Review of applications will start on December 1st after 5pm. 

We welcome applications from everyone but in order to be considered you must have taken the course (or equivalent at another institution) and done reasonable well.  In addition to performance candidates will be selected based on their availability, ability to communicate, and personality.

This term we have demonstrator positions available in support of Biology 112, 201, 204, 214, and 252.  Competition for these positions is always fierce so candidates are encouraged to apply for as many positions as they are available and qualified.  If you have specific questions about what is entailed in demonstrating a particular lab please contact one of the lab instructors below.   

Pay rate $12/hr for a total of 21 hours (30 hours if demonstrating Biology 112) spread over the term.  Exact distribution of hours will be determined by the lab instructor and may involve time outside of regular scheduled lab period (i.e. for a demonstrator preparation meeting)

Lab Instructor Contacts for Demonstrators

Biology 112    Regina Cozzi  and   Leah Rogers
Biology 112 labs take place Tuesday — Thursday mornings from 8:15-11am and afternoons from 2:15-5pm. 

Biology 201    Randy Lauff
Biology 201 labs take place Monday — Thursday afternoons from 2:15-5pm and Monday evening from 6:15-9:05

Biology 204    Maryann Burbidge
Biology 204 labs take place Monday — Thursday afternoons from 2:15-5pm and Wednesday evening from 6:15-9:05

Biology 215    Leslie Buckland-Nicks 
Biology 215 labs take place on Friday mornings from 10:15-1:05 and afternoon from 2:15-5pm

Biology 252    Chris Marchand, Katelyn MacNeil, and Erin Brocklehurst

Biology 251 labs take place Monday — Friday afternoons from 2:15-5pm, Tuesday — Thursday mornings from 8:15-11am, Friday mornings from  9:15 — 12, and Monday — Thursday evenings from 6:15-9pm

All new demonstrators are required to attend a safety seminar and payroll information session prior to starting work.  This seminar will be held early in January prior to the start of labs. 

NOTE:  To access the application you need to download the link below, open Adobe, then open the downloaded pdf from within Adobe.  The application will not load if you attempt to open it from within your browser.   If the program attempts to send an XML document when you submit your application that is fine. 
Winter 2018 Application (application review will start December 1 after 5pm)
Biology Lab Demonstrator Positions for Winter 2018 (applications are not yet closed)