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St. Francis Xavier University
Full Academic Year 2017-18 Timetable

Not all courses listed in the StFX Academic Calendar will be offered in Full Academic Year 2016-17
The timetable, including room assignments, is finalized only after registration closes. There may be room changes or course additions or deletions.

AX(Annex), BB (Bruce Brown), CA (Camden), GM(Gilmora), IM (Immaculata Hall), MA (Marguerite), CO(Coady), MSB (Mount St. Bernard), NH (Nicholson Hall), OC (Oland Centre), PS (Physical Science Complex), SCHW(Schwartz School); SNP (St. Ninian's Place); KC (Keating Centre). Courses with the section listed as .66 will be offered by distance; .77 by distance nursing and .88 in New Glasgow.

Catholic Studies
CRN Course Course Title Professor Term Timeblocks Room
52263 CATH 101.10 The Catholic Story S. Stewart 1st D1/D2/D3  
52264 CATH 102.20 The Catholic Imagination S. Stewart 2nd D1/D2/D3  
52265 CATH 251.20 The End of the World
M. Sastri 2nd N1  


  Course Descriptions

CATH 101: The Catholic Story - An introduction to Catholic Studies, the course focuses on a survey of major developments in the history of the Catholic Church: Early Christianity, the Papacy, Ecumenical Councils, Mission, Internal Reforms, Reformation and Counter-Reformation, the Enlightenment, World Wars, and the Catholic Church today. Intertwined in this chronology are several themes: Freedom, Faith and Reason, Concepts of History, Sacraments, Spirituality, and Faith. Credit will be granted for only one of CATH 101 or CATH 100. Three credits

CATH 102: The Catholic Imagination - Through a study of key texts of the Catholic intellectual tradition, students will investigate and examine themes such as: persecution, martyrdom, sin, moral life, death, faith, and divine love. Texts used will draw from different historical periods, a range of genres (autobiography, drama, poetry, fiction and non-fiction prose), and various types of authors (male, female, saints, mystics, religious, and secular). Credit will be granted for only one of CATH 102 or CATH 100. Three credits

CATH 251: The End of the World - The purpose of this course is to give students an interdisciplinary understanding of eschatology, which is the study of theological and religious views about 'last things' (death, heaven, purgatory, hell). This topic will be presented from three points of view: historical sources, including scripture; doctrinal issues; artistic depictions. Three credits.