History of the StFX University Chapel

Located on University Avenue, in the heart of Lower Campus, the University Chapel is the center of worship for the Christian community at St. FX. 

The University Chapel, erected in 1948, was dedicated to St. Francis Xavier in memory of Dr. John E. Somers, an alumnus from Cambridge, Massachusetts. The old chapel had little provisions for the future as it could only hold a small percentage of the student population. The present chapel accommodates 650 and the University Auditorium which is located in the basement of the new structure seats 700.

An interesting aspect of the chapel's interior are the structures created by former St. FX artist-in-residence, the late Angus MacGillivary. A magnificent Celtic cross was one of his masterpieces along with the 'ark of the covenant' tabernacle as well as the guardian angels of the tabernacle. Angus MacGillivary, once a hardrock miner, was one of the faculty members in the St. FX Fine Art Department until the time of his death in 1978.

A virtual tour of the Chapel is available here.

Tom Roach's book, The Jewel of the Campus: A History of the StFX Chapel and its Art, details the exquisite interior of the University Chapel. A brief overview of the Chapel's art can be viewed here.