Xaverian Welcome

The Xaverian Welcome Ceremony is held at the beginning of the academic year

and it’s a student’s first journey at StFX.


As a community, first year students gather to take the Xaverian Pledge:

"We the newest members of the St. FX Community,

hereby commit ourselves to the pursuit of excellence

in our academic, social and spiritual lives."

The Xaverian Welcome Ceremony is a very special and unique celebration of community at StFX. As newly committed members, first year students will be reminded of their pledge throughout their time at StFX and will recount their first steps as Xaverians during future events such as X-Ring, Baccelaureate Mass, and Convocation. 

Chaplains at Xaverian Welcome

 Left to Right: Pastor Jerry Clubine, Pentecostal Church, Sister Jovita MacPherson, CSM, Associate Chaplain, Father Gary Mac Pherson, Univeristy Chaplain, Rev. Sue Channen, St. Paul's Anglican Church,   ABSENT: Rev Peter Smith, St. James United