X-Ring is one of the highlights of each academic year and of the entire StFX experience.

Originally held in the University Chapel, the popularity of this event has moved to a larger venue – the Millennium Centre. Despite its relocation, the Ceremony retains a significant importance of spirit in the tradition of our Patron Saint, St. Francis Xavier.


St. Francis Xavier University says:

“On campus, black-robed seniors will take part in what many StFX students regard as one of the most memorable events of their university careers, the X-Ring ceremony.

StFX Day, is the day the graduating class earns the right to wear the X-Ring, the distinctive university symbol that stands out in Canadian government, business, education and entertainment circles. Students hold a countdown starting at least a year in advance. According to myth - supposedly confirmed by a question on Jeopardy, although no one can say when - the X-Ring is the most recognized ring in the world after the papal ring and Super Bowl ring.”

X-Ring is held each year on December 3rd, the holy feast day of Saint Francis Xavier in the Roman Catholic Church.


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