100 Level Courses

100 General Chemistry

CHEMISTRY 100.11   CHEMISTRY 100.12    CHEMISTRY100.13  
The fundamental principles of chemistry, including atomic and molecular structure, bonding, elementary thermo-chemistry and thermodynamics, oxidation‑reduction reactions, kinetics and equilibrium reactions with particular reference to the behavior of solutions, and an introduction to organic chemistry. This course emphasizes the application of chemical principles in areas of interest to students in the life sciences. Six credits and laboratory.
- Sept 2015 -

120 Principles of Chemistry  (Outline)
Reaction types and stoichiometry; applications of equilibria; principles of chemical thermodynamics; electrochemistry; atomic structure and models of chemical bonding; chemical kinetics; properties of gases, liquids, solids, and solutions; chemistry of the representative elements; introduction to organic chemistry. The applications are in areas of interest to students contemplating further studies in chemistry, engineering, mathematics, and the physical sciences. Six credits and laboratory.
- June 2004 -

150 Fundamentals of General and Biological Chemistry (Outline)
Topics include: basic concepts of general chemistry; introduction to organic nomenclature and the reactivities of functional groups; coverage of the fundamentals of biological chemistry. May not be used as a prerequisite for any other chemistry course. Open to students in nursing, human kinetics, and arts; may not be taken for credit by other science students. Restricted enrollment. Six credits and laboratory.
- June 2004 -