Co-op Stories

 The following are stories from StFX Co-op Students.



After I graduated from StFX in May 2015 with a BSc (Major in Mathematics), I decided to pursue a career in Accounting. On the advice of Co-op Coordinators, I made application for the Co-op Program. There followed the most exciting work placement in May 2016. Not only is Cabot Links in my hometown, but it has become one of the world’s top golf destinations. My work at Cabot consists of various aspects of the accounting program. I am now able to apply the various skills that have been taught in my accounting classes and understand more completely the aims of the Co-op Program. With the work placement at Cabot, I have been a part of a learning partnership, which has helped me become more confident, more experienced, and more prepared to enter the workforce. -Nicole MacFarlane, BSc ’15, BBA- Accounting Co-op

Growing up around sports, I have always had an interest in the business of sports and the promotion of large-scale events. I was delighted to discover St.FX has a Co-op program available to business students. This was important to me because enrollment in Co-op introduces you to refining your professional conduct, as well as building healthy relationships for post-graduate opportunities. 
This past summer, two fellow Marauders joined me in the pursuit of trailblazing an Entrepreneurial Co-op. Student Cleaning Solutions is a 100% student owned and operated business specializing in residential exterior restoration in the city of Calgary. 
So far, our experience with SCS and the Co-op program has been excellent. Throughout the planning stage, we were challenged to think of alternate strategies, pricing structures, and long-term projections. I highly recommend the Co-op program for any student at StFX. The Co-op program will allow you to explore your interests in a competitive learning environment. - Mitchell Allen BBA ’18 Adv. Major Marketing Co-op
What I have learned from my on-the-job experience has provided me with an advantage over my fellow classmates who are not in the cooperative education program. Being able to relate real-life experience back to a classroom setting is a huge advantage – especially in case studies. It is easier to understand theories once you have real life experience to relate them back to. Enrolling in the co-op program has been one of my best decisions to date. -Alesha Baker, BBA – Management and Leadership Co-op











Co-op has enabled me to recognize and build upon my strengths, grow as a professional, as well as an individual. From my experiences as a Nutrition Co-op Student in northern Saskatchewan, I have gained a profound sense of independence and confidence in my abilities as a nutrition professoinal, which has solidified my decision to pursue a career in the field of human nutriton and dietertics. - Jenna Clark HNU Co-op 2015 

Being a Co-op Student is almost like watching the previews in the movie theatre. You get a sneak peek into what's "coming soon," while still being able to make an educated decision on whcih route to take (or movie to see!) I am so fortunate to have received these "sneak peeks" into three different sectors that my degree can lead me to, each building my workplace, people, and educational skills over the course of 12 months. This opportunity is one I would highly recommend, because honestly, who doesn't love the previews? - Lindsay MacLeod HNU Co-op 2015

 As a third year BBA Marketing Co-op student, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting with Mr. Frank McKenna in his downtown Toronto office. Mr. McKenna, the Deputy Chair of TD and a StFX alumus highly regarded in the Xaverian famly, took time out of his demanding schedule to meet with me, a fellow Xaverian. He open my eyes to the true value of co-op and what it has to offer, while revealing to me the experiences that I wouldn't otherwise have.     - Christine Kingan, BBA Co-op 2017



The Co-op program opens the door  to countless opportunities for work terms and developing professional relationships. It gives you an opportunity to try out different professions so you can really find out what the right future is for you. If you are willing to work hard, are open to new experiences and want to increase your post-graduate employability, then the Co-op program is right for you. -Nicole Sanscartier, BBA Accounting Co-op 2013

Being a part of the Co-op program allowed me to graduate with a year's worth of paid experience. I made important connections in the "real world" of work, and gain valuable field and lab skills. I am now feeling very confident about my future knowing that I have the skills and experience to make myself standout against the crowd! -Emma Tompkins, BSc BIOL Co-op 2014  

(Emma was a Research Assistant on three different co-op terms, focusing on blueberry health, marine invasive species and coyote tracking, all within Northern Nova Scotia