Student’s Choice: Outstanding Co-op Supervisor Award

This award is given based on several different criteria including:  
  • the quality of the work experience 
  • the degree to which the supervisor acted as a mentor 
  • the supervisor’s commitment to enhancing the student's knowledge and development through professional development or other training opportunities
  • empowers co-op student(s) to grow professional as a result of the work experience

Who can nominate:

  • A current StFX co-op student.
  • The StFX Co-op student must have worked for this supervisor within the last two years of the date of nomination. 
A written submission is required outlining how the supervisor has met the criteria outlined above. The essay should be 750-1000 words. The following information must be included with the essay: Name of Supervisor, Job title, Company, Telephone Number, Email, and Term and Year the student worked with this supervisor. Nominations should be emailed to StFX’s Co-op Program Manager, Jane MacDonald at Applications are due April 1 at midnight. 
Nominations will be reviewed by the Co-op Award Committee. Co-op Staff are not involved in the selection process. 
The award recipient will be announced through a press release made available to internal and external audiences. 
Recipient receives certificate of recognition. 
The award is given out annually at the end of the Academic Year. 
This award was established in 2015
 2017 Crystal Graham, Director of Human Resources, Cabot Links
2016 Don Crawley, Manager, SAP Business Support Center, Nova Scotia Department of Education & Early Childhood Development