Completed Theses and Projects



Costello, Marsha (2014) Thesis: An Inquiry into Teacher Professionalism:  How Elementary Language Arts Teachers Experience the Implementation of Literacy Initiatives Supervisor: A. Murray-Orr

Mahoney, Nancy (2014) Project: Student Responsibility for Learning:  How Can it be Reinforced? Supervisor: E. Munroe


Armstrong, Elaina (2013) Thesis: Collaboration as a Response to Teaching in the Inclusive Classroom: The Perspectives of Three Elementary Teachers. Supervisor: J. Mitton

Chisholm-MacDonald, Darlene (2013) Project: Promoting Scientific Literacy in Grade 9 Students. Supervisor: A. Murray-Orr

Dema, Tshewang (2013) Thesis: Grade 9 Bhutanese Biology Teachers' Beliefs and Practices of Inquiry-Based Learning Situated in Their Natural Environment. Supervisor: K. MacLeod

Jamieson, Alanna (2013) Thesis: Which Boys and Which Girls?  Seeing Beyond the Gender Gap in Literacy.Supervisor: A. Murray-Orr

Kukner, Erhan (2013) Thesis: Exploring the Impact of Professional Development upon the Perceived Roles of Involved Stakeholders in an Aboriginal Educational Context. Supervisor: J. Tompkins

Leyte, Garry L. (2013) Thesis: Collaboratively Created Classroom Checks (CCCCs). Supervisor: D. Young

Mackey, Wendy (2013) Thesis: Exploring Instructional Leadership Through a Culturally Relevant Lens in an Inner-City School. Supervisor:

Tenzin, Karma (2013) Thesis: Teaching Through Design and Default: An Exporation of Bhutanese Physics 12 Teachers' Beliefs and Practices. Supervisor: L. MacDonald


Julien, Kevin (2012) Project: Shared Outdoor Education Experiences: A Physical Education Inservice for Teachers in the Halifax Regional School Board. Supervisor:A. Foran 
MacDonald, Scott. (2012) Thesis: Voices of Teachers About Their Lived Experiences of Laptop Technology in Albertan Classrooms. Supervisor: L.Lunney Borden 
Macfarlane, David (2012) Project: An Exploration of Assessment for Learning Practices in a Grade 12 Nova Scotia Mathematics Classroom. Supervisor: K. MacLeod   
Nyika, Lawrence (2012). Thesis: Exploring Factors That Influcence Risky Sexual Behaviors of Undergraduate Students. Supervisor: A. Murray-Orr  
Paul-Gould, Sherise 
(2012). Thesis: Student Achievement, Fluency, and Identity: An In-depth Study of the Mi'kmaq Immersion Program in One Community. Supervisor: J. Tompkins
Richard, Lori (2012) Thesis: Differentiation of Mathematics: A Reform Approach. Supervisor: L. Lunney Borden 
Robinson, Ingrid (2012). Thesis: A Case Study of One School District's Policies, Practices, and Ethos in Hiring Women As Principals. Supervisor: Joanne Tompkins 
Sock, Starr (2012) Thesis: An Inquiry Into the Mi'kmaq Immersion Program in One Community: Student Identity, Fluency, and Achievement. Supervisor: A. Murray-Orr
oney, Denise (2012) Project: Exploring Decolonization Practices In Two Mi'kmaw Schools. Supervisor: J. Tompkins



Ahmad, Rozina (2011). Thesis: Visual Journals, Artistic Processes, and Cross-Curricular Connections:An Arts-Informed Inquiry.
Dayman, Jason 
(2011). Project: Culture Based Education.  Supervisor: J. Orr
Legge, Robin
  (2011). Thesis Understanding the Principal's Office: An Interpaly of Design, Aesthetics, Political Symbolism and Function. Supervisor: J. Norris
McDonah, D'Arcy
 (2011) Thesis: Post-secondary decision-making among students in urban and rural Nova Scotia. Supervisor: O.Chareka
 Lynette  (2011). Project:  Increasing Oral Communication in an Elementary Core French Classroom through Scaffolding and Differentiation. Supervisor: A. Curry



Burgess, Denise M. (2010). Thesis: The Missing Piece: Relationships with Students As An Integral Aspect of Assessment for Learning. Supervisor: A. Murray-Orr 
LeLievre-Deveau, Chesca (2010). Project: Principal Succession and its Impact on Staff Culture.Supervisor: M.Meyer  
Lariviere-Jenkins, Susan (2010). Project: Promoting inclusiveness among school staff: Why we need it and how it might be done. Supervisor: J. Tompkins
MacNeil, Tiffany (2010). Project: Students’ Perspectives: Using Portfolios to Shape Self-Reflection & Promote Self-Advocacy. Supervisor: J. Tompkins           
Wood, Christine (2010) Project: Impact of the Nova Scotia School Accrediation Program on Teaching and Student Learning. Supervisor: M. Meyer  


Dema, Karma (2009). Project: Teaching Civic Education in a New Democratic Country: A Module for Bhutanese Secondary Students. Supervisor: J. Tompkins
Fitzgerald, Patricia (2009). Project: Nos Histoires: La viabilité de la technique pour le développement du français oral dans une classe de maternelle en immersion précoce. Supervisor: A. Curry
Gillis, Angela D. (2009). Thesis: Beginning Teachers’ Perspectives On and Involvement in the Nova Scotia Teachers Union (NSTU). Supervisor: J. Orr
Smith, Florence (2009). Project: Educational Influences: Women in Blue Collar Work. Supervisor: R. White


Dema, Karma (2008). Project: Teaching Civic Education in a New Democratic Country: A Module for Bhutanese Secondary Students. Supervisor: J. Tompkins
Duggan, Joseph (2008). Project: The Development of the Blended Education Model Supervisor: L. MacDonald
MacCormack, Amber (2008). Project: Inclusive Teaching Guide for Junior High School Resource and Classroom Teachers. Supervisor: B. Mwebi
MacKinnon, Natasha (2008). Thesis: How Early Adolescents’ Perceptions Affect Their Motivation to Learn a Second Language. Supervisor: J. Tompkins
MacNeil, Aldona (2006). Thesis: Shifting Identities: Stories of the Epistemic Development of Female university Educators. Supervisor: A. Murray-Orr
Marshall, Laura
 (2008). Project: Narrative Accounts of Life in Grades Eight and Nine Mi’kmaq Language Classrooms. Supervisor: Janice Huber
Moore, Alana (2008). Project: Inclusive Teaching Guide for Junior High School Resource and Classroom Teachers. Supervisor: B. Mwebi
Stephen Perchard (2007). Thesis: Coming to Embrace Chaos: Unlocking Lord of the Flies Using Process Drama. Supervisor: J. Norris
Ramsay, Carrie (2008). Project: Inclusive Teaching Guide for Junior High School Resource and Classroom Teachers. Supervisor: B. Mwebi
Romeo, Bernadette (2008). Project: When the Game is Rigged, You Can’t Lose if you don’t Play: A Narrative Inquiry with Students Positions a Risk of Early School Leaving. Supervisor: J. Tompkins
Rovers, Shelley (2008). Project: Differentiated Instruction in Junior High Mathematics. Supervisor: L. Lunney-Borden
Stone-Fougere, Jennifer (2008). Project: La première année d’enseignement dans le programme BI : Une analyse et réflexion personnelle sur les expériences d’enseignement du programme du Baccalauréat International en immersion aux 11e-12e années : le cours d’histoire d’Europe. Supervisor: I. Bernard
Swords, Tara (2008). Project: Content Literacy: Literacy Lessons for Grade Seven Science in Nova Scotia.Supervisor: A. Murray-Orr
VanDommelen, Pamela (2008). Project: The Importance of Teaching Global Citizenship Education: Mapped Teaching Approach, Activities and Resources for Teachers. Supervisor: O. Chareka
Vautour, Cheryl (2008). Project: Comprehension: Making it Happen in Our Classrooms. Supervisor: A. Murray-Orr
van den Heuvel, Brian (2008). Project: Teacher Perceptions of Professional Development. Supervisor: R. White


Alley, Mary Anne (2007) Thesis: Parents as Advocates: Helping Our Learning Disabled Children Experience a Positive Education. Supervisor: R. White      
Barker, Sean (2007). Project: Teacher Attrition: Problems, Solutions and Resources. Supervisor: D. Graham
MacMinn, Lianne (2007). Project: Word Study in the Grade One Classroom. Supervisor: A. Murray-Orr
Millar Reid, Nathalie (2007). Thesis: Fish Tales: A Hermeneutic Narrative Exploration of the Multi-Layered Text-ure of Death. Supervisor: A. Murray-Orr
Murphy, Bill (2007). Thesis: Untapped Riches: How Voices of Mi’kmaw Mothers Could Inform Educational Practices in Public Schools. Supervisor: J. Tompkins
Noddin, Myrna (2007). Project: Word Study in the Grade One Classroom. Supervisor: A. Murray-Orr
Perchard, Stephen. (2007). Thesis: Coming to Embrace Chaos: Unlocking Lord of the Flies Using Process Drama. Supervisor: J. Norris
Smith, Craig (2007). Project: Culturally Sensitive Teaching: A First Nations Poetry Unit. Supervisor: R. White
Taylor, Camilla (2007). Project: Transition Planning. Supervisor: A. Foran
Tinkham, Jennifer (2007). Thesis: Children’s Narrative Identity Making: Making Visible Cultural, Family and Institution Narratives. Supervisor: A. Murray-Orr
VanBuskirk, Shireen (2007). Thesis: Effective Laboratory Experiences in Online Distance Education.Supervisor: L. MacDonald
Yang, Kai (Kylie). Thesis: A Critique of China’s Secondary School English Curriculum Supervisor: J. Greenlaw


Adams, Jennifer (2007). Thesis: A Comparative Case Study Analysis of the Implementation of a Positive Effective Behavior Support (PEBS) Program: The Benefits and the Barriers. Supervisor: A. Foran
Crouse, Zac (2006). Thesis: Therapeutic Recreation Experiences: Adolescents with Substance Use and Mental Health Issues. Supervisor: A. Foran
Dema, Sherap (2006). Project: Study of Distributed Leadership in Lower Secondary Schools in Bhutan. Supervisor: F. MacCormick
Green, Kevin (2006). Thesis: Inclusive Education: The Perceived Role of the School Administrator. Supervisor: M. Meyer
Gyeltshen, Nima (2006). Project: Effectiveness of Teaching Strategies in Mainstreaming Classes. Supervisor: L. MacDonald
Gyeltshen, Sonam (2006). Project: Learning Strategies used in Bhutanese Schools: Perspectives of Teachers. Supervisor: L MacDonald
Karim, Probak (2006). Thesis: The Limitations of Bangladesh’s National Curriculum. Supervisor: J. Greenlaw
Kumar-Britten, Neeta (2006). Thesis: Principal Narratives of Literacy and Leadership. Supervisor: J. Orr
Lhendup, Tashering (2006). Project: Student Support Services: School Perspectives and How It Affects Student Disruptive Behavior. Supervisor: L. MacDonald
MacDonald, Audrey Ellen Marie (2006). Thesis: Themes in Administrators’ Perspectives on School Based Decision Making. Supervisor: M. Olson
Norbu, Passang (2006). Project: Lecture and Note-Taking Methods in Bhutanese Secondary School Classrooms: An Evaluation. Supervisor: F. MacCormick
Pelly, Crystal (2006). Project: Literacy Strategies Handbook for Teachers. Supervisor: A. Murray-Orr
Pettipas, Mark Gregory (2006). Thesis: Shaping Spaces for Students’ voices in the Curriculum. Supervisor: J. Huber
Phuntsho (2006). Project: Female Early School Leavers in Bhutan. Supervisor: A. Sherman
Phuntsho, Karma (2006). Project: Barriers to the Development of Good Study Habits. Supervisor: A. Sherman
Pradhan, Dinesh Kumar (2006). Project: Early School Leavers in Bhutan. Supervisor: L. MacDonald
Pradhan, Sita (2006). Project: To Identify the Most Effective Strategies for Prevention of Drug Abuse by the Students. Supervisor: F. MacCormick
Schaan, Robert H. (2006). Thesis: A Storied Examination of What is Catholic about Catholic Education: My Experiences of Teaching and Learning in a Catholic School. Supervisor: M. Olson
Sherpa, Nima (2006). Project: Addressing the Needs of the Whole Child in Bhutanese Schools. Supervisor: A. Sherman
Stewart, Colin (2006). Project: A Framework for Developing School Codes of Conduct in Prince Edward Island Schools. Supervisor: F. MacCormick
Subba, Tek Bahadur (2006). Project: Children’s Learning of Mathematics. Supervisor: L. MacDonald
Tenzin, Sangay (2006). Project: Lack of Parental Care and Support in Remote Schools. Supervisor: A. Sherman
Tenzin, Sonam (2006). Project: Corporal Punishment in Bhutanese Schools. Supervisor: A. Sherman
Tshering, Ugyen (2006). Project: Corporal Punishment in Primary Schools in Bhutan. Supervisor: A. Sherman
Wangchuk, Nima (2006). Project: Do Students in the Rural Schools have Lower English Standards than in Urban Settings? Supervisor: L. MacDonald
Wall, Jo-Anne (2006) Project: Steps to Success: A Handbook For High School Resource Teachers. Supervisor: P. Betts    
Wangdi, Kinzang (2006). Project: The Perception of Students and Teachers about the Impact of Moral Education on Grade Eight Students. Supervisor: F. MacCormick 
Wangdi, Lamdra (2006). Project: How parent’s Literacy Levels Affect Children’s Learning. Supervisor: F. MacCormick
Williams, Darcel (2006). Thesis: How and why are educators supporting and advocating for the school success of African Nova Scotian students? Co-Supervisors: J. Orr and J. Huber


Adisa, Katherine Elizabeth (2005). Thesis:Into the Unknown: An International Teacher’s Story. Supervisor: M. Olson
Bailey, Lori (2005) Project: Nancie Atwell's Writers' Workshop Approach to Writing: Building Knowledge and Reflections. Supervisor: F. Hurley                                                                    

Baillie, Carla (2005). Thesis: Living in the Midst of Stories: Exploring Moments of Connection and Disconnection in Curriculum and Practice. Supervisor: J. Huber
Burgess, Kelli (2005). Project: Celebrating Remembrance Day and Canadian Peacekeeping. Supervisor: J. Huber
Chen, Tuzhu Sarah (2005). Thesis: Shaping teaching and learning: Cultural context and parenting. Supervisor: R. White
Donovan, Leo Gene (2005). Thesis: Experiencing Career Choices. Supervisor: J. Orr
Gessler, Simone (2005). Project: Positive Behaviour Support: Development, Implementation and Design for a School-Wide Behaviour Management Program. Supervisor: F. Hurley
Gill, Juan (2005). Project: The Benefits and Challenges of Multiage Classrooms: A Review of Literature and Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation. Supervisor: F. Hurley
Googoo, Marjorie Anne (2005). Thesis: Grassroots Stories of Decolonization. Supervisor: A. Murray Orr
Graham, Hope (2005). Thesis: Composing My Life as a Nurse Educator: A Narrative Inquiry. Supervisor: J. Huber
Hiltz, Evelyn (2005). Thesis: Strong Threads of Voice: Weaving a Teacher’s Life Tapestry. Supervisor: M. Olson
Lane, Sandra (2005). Project: The Role of Effective Communication Between Administrators and Staff and its Effect on Teacher Motivation. Supervisor: F. Hurley
Lewis, Jeffrey B. (2005). Thesis: School Advisory Councils and the Classroom. Supervisor: M. Meyer
MacDonald, Bruce (2005). Project: Scheduling: A Dilemma Facing Small Rural Schools. Supervisor: J. Huber
MacDonald, Greg (2005). Project: Enhancing the School Curriculum for Grade Five Mathematics Students: Grade Five-Geometry Shape and Space. Supervisor: D. Decoste
MacDougall, Gail (2005). Thesis: Implications for Professional Development: Meaningful Professional and Personal Growth. Supervisor: M. Olson
MacIsaac, Brian Keith (2005). Thesis: From Police Officer to Principal: Creating Success in Cross Cultural Experiences for Students. Supervisor: J. Orr
MacIsaac, Debbie (2005). Thesis: Meaningful Professional Development: Implications for Professional and Personal Growth. Supervisor: J. Orr
MacPhee, Mary Ellen (2005). Project: Creating Solutions for Students Who Have Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Conduct Disorder. Supervisor: F. Hurley
Noel, Karri Ann (2005). Project: Engaging Intelligences Through Enrichment. Supervisor: M. Olson
Pottie, Craig (2005) Project: Making The Outcomes AcessibleTo All Stakeholders. Supervisor: R. White          
Smith, Leslie (2005). Thesis: Exploring the Place of Music Experiences in Shaping Educators’ Identities. Supervisor: J. Huber
Stephens, Katherine (2005). Thesis: Focusing on Identities: Stories of Immigrant Students. Supervisor: M. Olson
Tracey, Alan (2005). Project: Integration of Geometer’s Sketchpad into the Mathematics 12 Curriculum.Supervisor: D. Decoste
Whalley, Ann Catherine (2005). Project: An Interdisciplinary Unit for Grade Five: Environmental Studies. Supervisor: A. Sherman
Wicks, Darren (2005). Project: Dene Games: A Curriculum Tool. Supervisor: A. Foran


Alley, Mary-Ann (2004). Thesis: Parents as Advocates: Helping Our Learning Disabled Children Experience a Positive Education. Supervisor: R. White
Blumenthal, Adrienne (2004). Project: Professional Development in Technology Integration. Supervisor: R. White
Britten, Richard Murray (2004). Project: Not A Question of Heart: A Narrative Journey. Supervisor: R. White
Cameron, Charlotte Jean (2004). Project: How Can I Best Support the implementation of Co-teaching in my Classroom. Supervisor: L. MacDonald
Cameron, Evelyn (2004). Project: A Self Analysis of Teaching Strategies for Students with Nonverbal Learning Disabilities. Supervisor: A. Sherman
Campbell, Karen (2004). Project: Student Perceptions of Exemplary Teachers. Supervisor: R.White  
Campbell, Lynn-Ann (2004). Project: Reaching Students Through Their Learning Styles Using Books On Tape. Supervisor: M. Olson
Carreau, Rob (2004). Thesis: A New School! Not Just Any School: Visionary Beginnings. Supervisor: J. Greenlaw
Cleary, Georgina (2004). Project: Successful Transitioning of Grade Nine Students in an Inclusive Setting: A Case Study. Supervisor: S. Northfield
Connolly, Corry (2004). Project: Exploring Differentiated Instruction in the Grade Four Science Classroom Through Action Research. Supervisor: S. Northfield
Conrad, Joan (2004). Project: Navigating the Waters: School to Community Transition for Students with Special Needs. Supervisor: L. MacDonald
Cookson, Mona Joy (2004). Project: All About Me - A Differentiated Thematic Unit for the Grade One Classroom. Supervisor: A. Murray-Orr
Cyr, Richard (2004). Project: Principal’s Perceptions on School Advisory Councils. Supervisor: M. Meyer
Daemen, Annette (2004). Project: Journey in Co-teaching: An Actional Approach for One School Setting.Supervisor: A. Sherman
Decoste-Coutoure, Cathy (2004). Project: How Can Critical Literacy Be Implemented in the Elementary Classroom? Supervisor: L. MacDonald
Donovan, Dawn (2004). Project: Listening to Students’ Voices About How to Make School a More Inclusive Place. Supervisor: J. Huber
Doucette, Philip (2004). Project: Transition to High School for Students with a Learning Disability. Supervisor: S. Northfield
Dunphy, Michael (2004). Project: Enhancing the High School History Experience. Supervisor: J. Huber
Etheridge, Georgina Mary (2004) Project: School Community Partnerships. Supervisor:F. Hurley      
Farrow, Pearl (2004). Project: Information and Practical Strategies for Adapting Curriculum for Students with Learning Disabilities. Supervisor: P. Betts
Furdas, Lauren F. (2004). Project: Exploring Guided Reading: The Heart of a Comprehensive Literacy Program. Supervisor: M. Olson
Gallaway, Blaine (2004). Project: The Importance of Noticing in a Caring Classroom. Supervisor: J. Huber
Gillis, Darryl (2004). Project: The Influence of the tribes Process in Creating a Safe, Comfortable, School Environment. Supervisor: F. Hurley
Gillis, Deborah E. (2004). Project: Bringing Literacy Home. Supervisor: F. Hurley
Gillis, Murdith (2004). Project: Action Research – Improving My Practice as a Resource Math Teacher: Moving Toward Constructivist-oriented Teaching and Learning. Supervisor: M. Olson
Green, Fraser (2004). Project: What Works at the Middle Level. Supervisor: J. Huber
Godreau-Penny, Elizabeth (2004). Project: A Handbook for Resource Teachers: Elementary Edition.Supervisor: I. den Heyer
Hill, Geoffrey P. S. (2005). Thesis: The Evolving Role of the Principal in a Professional Learning Community in a Maritime School Board. Supervisor: M. Meyer
Holland, Donald (2004). Project: Living to Learn & Learning to Live: A Web Based, Youth Issues CD Resource.Supervisor: A. Sherman
Janes, Heather (2004). Thesis: What Are the Sustaining Effects of Quality Reading Recover Implementation on Grade 3 Reading Achievement in the Chignecto Central Regional School Board. Supervisor: A. Sherman
Jardine, Elizabeth Anne (2004). Thesis: Narrative Inquiry into the Formative Aspects of Ecological Identity.Supervisor: A. Sherman
Joseph, Ramona Dianne (2004). Project: Correlations Between a Caring Climate and Student Success.Supervisor: R. White
Kowalski Briggs, Janet (2004). Thesis: The Transition from Guidance Counsellor to School Administrator: A Life History Approach. Supervisor: A. Sherman
Landry-Lefort, Claudette (2004). Project: School-Wide Enrichment. Supervisor: S. Northfield
MacAskill, Keri (2000). Teacher’s Guide for the Completion of Psycho-Educational Referral Forms. Supervisor: P. Betts
MacDonald, Bruce (2004). Thesis: Teachers’ perceptions of technology: Implications for pedagogical change. Supervisor: J. Greenlaw
MacDonald, Catherine Jean (2004). Project: A Guidebook to Support Parents in Understanding the I.P.P. Process. Supervisor: M. Olson
MacDonald, Donna Marie (2004). Project: Creating Strong Teacher-Student Relationships in a Grade 8 Classroom. Supervisor: A. Sherman
MacIntyre, Catherine (2004). Project: Adapting Curriculum for Students with Learning Disabilities: Practical Strategies and Information for Classroom Teachers. Supervisor: P. Betts
MacIsaac, Ellen (2004). Project: Reflections on a Teacher’s Practice: A Case Study. Supervisor: A. Sherman
MacKeen, Angela Marie (2004). Project: Successful Transitioning for Students with Learning Disabilities to Post Secondary Studies. Supervisor: A. Sherman
MacKinnon, Margaret P. (2004). Project: Working Together for Students with Special Needs: A Collection of Resources for Teachers. Supervisor: P. Betts
MacNeil, Allison Patricia (2004). Project: Shifting from parent-Teacher Interviews to Student-Led Conferences.Supervisor: J. Huber
MacNeil, Cathy (2004). Project: Cross Age Tutoring: A Theoretical Application Model. Supervisor: M. Meyer
MacNeil, David (2004). Project: Short Term Student Services Intervention Team: A Case Study in Meeting the Needs of Exceptional Children. Supervisor: A. Sherman
MacNeil, Duane (2004). Project: Patrick High School Plan for Success: A Tool for Change. Supervisor: J. Tompkins
MacNeil, Paula (2004). Project: Enhancing Literacy Across the Curriculum. Supervisor: P. Betts
McIntosh, Andrew (2004). Project: An International Teacher Exchange Website for Nova Scotia Teachers. Supervisor: J. Huber
McIsaac, Pauline (2004). Project: Using a Portfolio to Assist Transition Planning for Students from Elementary to Junior School. Supervisor: I. den Heyer
McLean, Sharon (2004). Project: The Study and Practice of Music: Cognitive Benefits for Academic Achievement. Supervisor: M. Olson
Martin, Lynn (2004). Project: Webquests as an Inquiry-Based Teaching Tool. Supervisor: R. White
Martin, Margaret (2004). Project: Differentiation of Instruction for Grade One - A Literacy Based Thematic Unit – All About Me. Supervisor: A. Murray-Orr
Mason, Raymond Taylor (2004). Project: Sherbrooke-Then and Now: A Resource of Interdisciplinary Study.Supervisor: J. Grant
Melong, Josephine (2004). Project: A School-Based Resource Database. Supervisor: A. Sherman
Munro, Joanie (2004). Project: Making That First Step a Successful Start to School. Supervisor: I. den Heyer
Murphy, Laureen (2004). Project: Differentiated Instruction in a Grade Five Classroom: A Practical Approach to Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners. Supervisor: L. MacDonald
Myers, Cheryl (2004). Project: A Handbook for New Resource Teachers. Supervisor: L. MacDonald
Nearing, Mike (2004). Project: Co-Teaching: A Collective Case Study. Supervisor: A. Sherman
Oravecz, Carolyn (2004). Project: An Examination of a Resource Teacher’s Effectiveness. Supervisor: R. White
Perry, Ruth (2004). Project: Co-Teaching a Self Reflection. Supervisor: M. Olson
Richardson, Genevieve (2004). Project: A Transition Planning Handbook. Supervisor: I. den Heyer
Roach, Corinne (2004). Project: Promoting Literacy Across the Curriculum. Supervisor: P. Betts
Romard, Juanita A. (2004). Project: Study of the Student-Centered Resource Program at Riverview Rural High School. Supervisor: A. Sherman
Ross, Laurie L. (2004). Project: A Collection of Resources for Teachers of Students with Special Needs.Supervisor: P. Betts
Ryan, Allister Gerard (2004). Project: Customizing a Grade Nine Transition Program. Supervisor: A. Sherman
Skinner, Stephanie. (2004) Project: Teacher Turnover in Rural Areas: One Schools' Perspective Based on An Interview Study. Supervisor: F. Hurley   
Sobey, Marsha S. (2004). Project: Steps to Promoting Childhood Reading: The Importance of Early Childhood Intervention. Supervisor: M.J. Mahody
Stanwick, Jean (2004). Project: Inquiring Into the Place of Personal and Professional Experiences In Shaping Who I Am Becoming as a Teacher. Supervisor: J. Huber
Stewart, Bradley K. (2004). Thesis: Implementation of the Mathematics Curriculum in Nova Scotia: A Study of the Principal’s Perspective and Role. Supervisor: D. Decoste
Stone, Marc (2004). Project: School Based Funds 101. Supervisor: R. White
Talbot, Anna Marie (2004). Project: Co-Teaching: A Collective Case Study. Supervisor: A. Sherman
Tobgyels, Tshewang (2004). Project: School Policy and Decision Making. Supervisor: F. MacCormick
Toney, Denise (2004). Thesis: Teaching Native Literature to Mi’kmaq Students in the Secondary English Classroom. Supervisor: J. Greenlaw
Van Den Heuvel, Elizabeth (2004). Project: An Inquiry into the Experiences of Deaf Students in Inclusive Classrooms. Supervisor: A. Sherman
Wall, Jo-Anne (2004). Project: Steps to Success: A Handbook for High School Resource Teachers. Supervisor: P. Betts
Young, Clayton (2004). Project: Student Journals in Intermediate Math Class. Supervisor: F. Hurley


Basque, Vivian Elaine (2003). Project: The One Who Will Teach About Love. Supervisor: J. Huber
Beaton, Sheldon Ross (2003). Project: A Teacher Self-study Examining How a Teacher’s Reflections on the Introduction to Geographic Information Systems Enhances Grade Eight Social Studies. Supervisor: J. Tompkins
Bingley, Karen (2003) Project: Transformation Through Reflection. Supervisor:J.Orr  
Boulter, Chris. Thesis: Inclusive Practices for Antisocial Students. Supervisor: A. Sherman
Breen, Darryl (2003). Thesis: Rational Numbers and Multiple Representations. Supervisor: D. Decoste
Brown, Dale (2003). Project: Becoming an Effective Multicultural Educator: Reflections of a Canadian Teacher in Inner City London England. Supervisor: J. Greenlaw
Burgess-MacCoul, Denise, Marie (2003). Project: Where the Boys Are: Boys in School. Supervisor: J. Huber
Burry, Jill (2003). Project: Becoming a Teacher of Differentiated Instruction: Sharing Narratives of Experience, Ideas and Guidelines for Classroom Teachers. Supervisor: J. Huber
Coffin, Anne Murtagh (2003). Project: Administrative Support for New Teachers. Supervisor: J. Orr
Coleman, Michelle Marie (2003). Project: From Counting Contributions to Contributions that Count: Female Leaders in Secondary Schools. Supervisor: J. Orr
Cox, Erma (2003). Project: Making Connections: Mathematics and Games. Supervisor: J. Orr
Cullen, Stephen Daniel (2003). Project:Exploring Ways of Making A Community of Learners in a Rural Nova Scotia School. Supervisor: J. Huber
Currie, Neila Marie (2003). Project: Inclusive Education Practices in a Junior High School: One Teacher’s Perspective. Supervisor: J. Huber
Cyr, Richard (2003) Project: Principals' Perceptions On School Advisory Councils. Supervisor: M. Meyer   
DeGrasse, Katherine (2003) Project: Implementation of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program at the Halifax Grammar School. Supervisor:J. Orr       
Dorji, Wangchuk (2003). Project: Leadership Modules for School-Based Administrators in Bhutan. Co-Supervisors: J. Orr/F. MacCormick
Eddy, G. Claire (2003). Project: A Comparison of Bullying Prevention Programs. Supervisor: J. Greenlaw
Field, Catherine Anne (2003). Project: A Journey to Administration in Cape Breton: Dana’s Story. Supervisor: J. Orr
Fougere, Wanda (2003). Thesis: Prewriting and the Middle School Student: Do Prewriting Techniques Improve the Quality of Student Writing? Supervisor: J. Greenlaw
Gillis, Elizabeth A. (2003). Thesis: Mapping A Journey: Stories of Experience with Inclusion. Supervisor: D. Pushor
Gyalpo, Norbu (2003). Project: Enhancing Instructional Leadership for New and Incumbent Bhutanese Headmasters and Principals. Co-Supervisors: J. Orr/F. MacCormick
Gyeltshen, Kinley (2003). Project: Building Positive Culture and Collaborative Teaming in Schools. Co-Supervisors: J. Orr/F. MacCormick
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