Aquatic Resources Course Descriptions

Aquatic Resources 100
Introduction to Aquatic Resources • TBA

In the first half of this course, students are introduced to the living and non-living characteristics that determine the structure and function of aquatic resource ecosystems (lakes, rivers, estuaries and oceans), as well as to information about human interaction with these resources. The second half includes modules that expand the multidisciplinary scope of examination and explore the sociological, economic, political, and business aspects of aquatic resource use; modules will rely heavily on case studies.


Biology 112
Diversity of Life • TBA

This course emphasizes the interrelationships of living systems and their roles in global ecology, exploring organismic diversity, functional morphology, embryogenesis and ecology from an evolutionary perspective. Required for students continuing in biology.


Business Administration 221
Introductory Financial Accounting • TBA

An introduction to basic concepts, principles and procedures underlying financial accounting and financial statement preparation. Required for all BBA students; a prerequisite for all 300 and 400 level financial accounting and finance courses.


Business Administration 231
Foundations of Marketing • TBA

Customers do not buy products: they buy benefits, satisfactions and solutions to their problems. This course provides students with the customer and marketplace focus central to effective marketing. The course employs exercises and cases to develop students’ analytical skills and provides opportunities to demonstrate these skills through memos and reports. Prerequisites: BSAD 101, 102.


Earth Sciences 171
Understanding the Earth I • TBA