International Students

  • The StFX Master of Education program consists of 12 - three credit courses for a total of 36 credits. 85% of the program (10 courses) are taught online.
  • The only face-to-face courses for our program are EDUC 534 and EDUC 505. These are the first two courses you will take during the month of July, on campus in a classroom environment, following your acceptance to our program. All other courses in the MEd Program are offered online.

  • The StFX Master of Education degree is not a licensing degree. It does not grant a teachers’ license. If you are interested or intending to teach in the public school system in Canada, a Bachelor of Education degree (B Ed) is required (

  • International students are responsible for their own travel to StFX.

  • All students are responsible for arranging their own accommodations. During the month of July, students can stay on campus. For more information please e-mail or call toll-free 1.877.STAY.AT.X (782.9289). For students who plan to stay in Antigonish following the first summer, please contact the StFX Residence Office for on campus accommodations or look for an apartment off campus.

  • Applicants whose first language is not English must demonstrate English competence. (

  • To be considered a full-time graduate student a student must be enrolled in 3 courses (9 credits) in the fall and winter terms.

  • Qualified international students are encouraged to apply for full-time graduate studies in the MEd program. Prospective students should plan to be at StFX for a minimum of 13 months (July 1 - July 30 of the following year). International students are encouraged to arrange their travel plans to arrive at StFX by the first of July.