Curriculum & Instruction Non-Cohort


The Curriculum and Instruction Stream is designed to support the professional and academic learning of practicing educators who are seeking advanced study in relation to all aspects of educational curriculum. The program aims to provide students with opportunities to explore the complexity of three main areas of curriculum: the planned curriculum, the enacted curriculum and the impact of this enacted curriculum upon learners (the curriculum as lived). The required core courses in the curriculum and instruction stream, curriculum theory, program development and principles of learning are designed to explore both the theoretical and practical elements of the planned, enacted and lived curriculum. In addition to the core courses, students may choose to specialize further in subject fields of the public school curriculum such as English or French language and literacy, Mathematics, diverse cultures, physical education or science and inclusive practices by taking an additional set of electives in these areas.


 First Summer:

534         Introduction to the Foundations of Education                                                                     3 credits
505         Introduction to Educational Research                                                                                    3 credits

Curriculum and Instruction Core classes to be taken prior to final research course:

527         Principles of Learning                                                                                                                 3 credits
532         Curriculum Theory                                                                                                                      3 credits
536         Program Development                                                                                                               3 credits

Final Research Course:

506         Quantitative Research Methods in Education                                                                      3 credits
507         Qualitative Research Methods in Education                                                                         3 credits
508         Critical Research Literacy in Education                                                                                  3 credits

Electives: see course-based, project-based, or thesis routes below.



Master of Education degrees in Educational Leadership and Administration, and Curriculum and Instruction are available through the following routes:

Course Based Route

                Core Courses                       18 credits
                Electives                               18 credits                                                                                                                     

Project Based Route      

                Core Courses                       18 credits            
                Electives                               12 credits
                590: Project                           6 credits

Thesis Route

                Core Courses                        18 credits
                Electives                                  6 credits
                599: Thesis                            12 credits

Project and Thesis students have the opportunity to enroll in EDUC 593 (Directed Study) as one of their electives.

Electives are to be selected from the graduate courses offered in Education. No substitution or transfer of credit will normally be allowed for core courses. Graduate courses which may be taken for credit towards a Master of Education degree are listed in the Academic Calendar. Note: Not all courses are offered each year.