Master of Education

Transforming Teaching Using Technology & Digital Resources

Modern technologies afford the opportunity to personalize and transform learning experiences inside and outside our classrooms—not just for students, but also for their teachers. Research shows that through the effective use of technology, learning can be deepened and enhanced, supporting the components of 21st century learning. When ubiquitous technology supports curricular goals and when it is used to its maximum potential, student performance can be enhanced.

Nursing / Health Sciences

The Faculty of Education at St. Francis Xavier University, in collaboration with the School of Nursing has a developed a Master of Education in Curriculum with a Concentration in Nursing/Health Sciences for baccalaureate-prepared nurses and allied health professionals who are currently working within post-secondary institutions teaching nursing or health sciences students or within the health care sector as educators for nurses, health care workers, or patients.

Mental Health Education

Mental Health Education in the Faculty of Education at StFX largely follows four pillars of mental health literacy:

MEd Cohorts

In partnership with various Nova Scotia school boards, the StFX Faculty of Education offers Master of Education cohorts in program areas of identified need. These cohorts provide groups of teachers with opportunities to pursue learning together as they build their capacity to provide leadership for the improvement of education within their school board. For further information, please call the Program Office at (902) 867-3906 or toll free at 1-877-867-3906.