Program Declaration Forms:


Bachelor of Science

Please review the Faculty of Science Regulations in Chapter 7 and the Departmental or Program options in Chapter 9 of the Academic Calendar before filling out the declaration forms. 

B.Sc. Major (Required for students admitted to BSc in September 2014 or later)
B.Sc. Major [Old Degree Pattern] (Optional for students admitted to BSc prior to Fall 2014)
B.Sc. Major with a Science Minor 
B.Sc. Major with an Arts Minor
B.Sc. Advanced Major
B.Sc. Honours
B.Sc. with Aquatic Resources
B.Sc. Advanced Major with Business Administration
B.Sc. Joint Advanced Major
B.Sc. Joint Honours

Please select the appropriate program (Major, Advanced Major etc.) within your degree and then fill in the shaded regions.  If you wish to fill out the form by hand, you must first select the major in the top most shaded region before printing in some cases.  All Declaration forms are to be submitted to the Chair of the Department or the Coordinator of the Program.  An example of BSC ADVANCED MAJOR form is partially filled out for you to see how you might address certain common questions you might have.

  • Note 1 Of SCIENCE A, B and C, one must be mathematics/statistics/computer science, and six credits from this department must be calculus. In the B.Sc. Advanced Major in Science with Business, either science A or B must be mathematics/statistics/computer science, and must include six credits of calculus.
  • Note 2 With permission of the major department(s), courses from other science departments may be used to satisfy major, advanced major or honours requirements: up to 6 credits for the major; up to 12 credits for the advanced major; up to 18 credits for the honours. 
  • Note 3 Students may use up to 30 credits of courses from professional programs (business administration, information systems, engineering, human kinetics, human nutrition, nursing) as OPEN or APPROVED ELECTIVES.
  • Note 4 SCIENCE A, B and C must each be from different departments.
  • Note 5 PSYC courses are considered SCIENCE courses only when they are taken as part of Science A in a B.Sc. Major, B.Sc. Advanced Major,  or B.Sc. Honours degree, or when they are taken as part of Science A or Science B in a B.Sc. Joint Advanced Major or B.Sc. Joint Honours degree.  In these instances, additional PSYC courses may also be used as APPROVED ELECTIVES.
  • Note 6 ECON courses are considered SCIENCE courses only when they are taken as part of Science A in a B.Sc. Advanced Major or B.Sc. Honours degree.
  • Note 7 For the BSc Major in (SCIENCE A) and Major in Aquatic Resources, at least 18 credits of Science A must be designated as AR courses.  A total of 12 credits of AR courses must be taken from at least two participating  departments other than SCIENCE A. In addition to the required courses listed on the declaration form, BIOL 112, ECON 101, ECON 102 and ESCI 171 must be included in the pattern. See Academic Calendar for details.