Welcome to EarthSciences

Love the outdoors? Interested in the natural resource sector, environmental research, monitoring, assessment, and climate science?

Get a job! Data show that, since 2009, an incredible 100% of Earth Sciences majors have successfully moved into graduate studies and/or Earth Science-related or teaching careers. The reasons are simple: Canada needs well-prepared thinkers to support its huge resource economy, and to prevent and manage environmental issues. Additionally, our students are educated in pressing global issues like climate science. Demand for our graduates is expected to grow faster than the economy, and Canada expects a labour market shortage for Earth Scientists within five years. Also, it helps that our graduates are inspired, energetic individuals!

The right team! Our department is the most research-intensive on campus, and our faculty are known internationally for their work. What does that mean for students? Our work is global in scale, and high in quality. And, we bring these cutting-edge ideas into the classroom!


Hands on! Our research intensity benefit students directly. Since 2009 research funds have created an average of 42 research jobs/yr in our Department, many of them for undergraduate researchers. In the summer of 2015 alone, our undergraduate researchers traveled to Ireland, Svalbard (Arctic circle), PEI, BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan, to carry out projects with their faculty supervisors. They benefit from one-on-one contact with their supervisors, in a cutting edge research setting.

Cozy! Recently, we had to conduct a survey of our graduates from the past 6 years, and amazingly we were already in touch with 95% of them! Evidence from our departmental reviews shows that our students highly value the small class sizes in their upper level courses and the one-on-one attention that they receive in our course labs, field trips, and especially in student research projects. We also offer a challenging MSc program, and our MSc students become embedded in department life and culture.