Middle Years Focus

The Province of Nova Scotia and other educational jurisdictions throughout Canada have recently identified a need for junior high teachers to have a background in multiple subject areas. To address this issue, we are recruiting students who have, in addition to a teachable major and minor, a second minor subject in a third teachable area. We provide specific training in methodology for these students to allow them to succeed in teaching positions in the future. We have further expanded the program to include students from the Elementary program who also have secondary teachable subjects. These students will receive the full Elementary program required courses along with specific training for teaching in the upper Elementary and Junior High grades. Applicants for the Middle Years focus from a Secondary background will be required to present distinct teachable subjects from three subject areas for admission to the program. From an Elementary background, applicants are required to fulfill all of the usual Elementary pre-requisites and also present at least one secondary teachable subject, preferably in a high priority subject area. Please contact the Faculty of Education for further details.

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