Elizabeth Munroe

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Research Publications

Book, Thesis, Course Guide, Research Reports, and Dissertation

    Munroe, E. (2002). Factors influencing the success of the Calgary-based advisory committee for the University Child Care Centre TLC 3 Project. Research Report

    Munroe, E. (1997). Enhancing the passing moments. Unpublished PhD dissertation, The University of Calgary

    Munroe, E. (1992). Starting school: The home-school relationship begins. Unpublished M. A. thesis, The University of Calgary.

    Munroe, E. (1992). Parents as teachers. Curriculum guide and course handbook, Alberta Science Centre, Calgary, Alta. LaGrange, A., Clark, D.,

    Munroe, E. (1994). Culturally sensitive child care: The Alberta study. Edmonton,AB: Alberta Association for Young Children. Research Report

    Munroe, E. (1991). Let me play. Toronto: Scholastic Canada.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

    Munroe, E. (2003). I want to be an ambulance girl: Significant lifelong concepts arising from project work. Early Childhood Education 35(2), 48-52

    Munroe, E. and Baron, V. (2002). Mentoring a student teacher: The nature of the partner teacher’s professional development. Early Childhood Education 35(1), 22-26

    Munroe, E. (1997). Letting go. Early Childhood Education 30(2), 38-43.

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    Munroe, E. (1994). Making rain sticks. Early Childhood Education, 27(2).

    LaGrange, A., Clark, D., Munroe, E. (1994). Culturally sensitive programming: An Alberta study. Early Childhood Education, 27(1), 29-35.

    Munroe, E. (1993). Responding to the pressure: Science in the early years. Canadian Children, Spring.

    Munroe, E. (1992). Defending play in programs for young children. Early Childhood Education, Fall/Winter.

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