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Refereed Contributions

    Walton, F., McAuley, A., Tompkins, J. (2010). Supivik: Keeping the embers bright to light the qulliq. The Masters of Education in Leadership and Learning in Nunavut. Special Issue of Inuit Studies/Etudes Inuites on Education and Transmission of Inuit Knowledge. (in press).

    Tompkins, J. & Orr, J. (2009) “It could take 40 minutes; It could take 3 days.”
    Authentic small group learning for Aboriginal education. In J.C. Craig & F.L. Deretchin (Eds.), the Teacher Education Handbook XVII: Teacher Learning in Small Group Settings (pp. 261-277). Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Education.

    Tompkins, J. (2005). Race. In The Encyclopedia of Adult Education, edited by Leona
    English, 534-537. London, UK: Palgrave Macmillian Ltd.

    Tompkins, J. (2002) Learning to see what they can’t: Decolonizing perspectives on indigenous education in the racial context of rural Nova Scotia. In McGill Journal of Education. Vol 73. No 3. Fall 2002

    Gallant, M., O’Reily, E., & Tompkins, J. (2001) They ought to enjoy physical activity, you know? Struggling with fun in physical education. In Sport, Education and Society.

    Tompkins, J. (1998). Teaching in a cold and windy place. Change in an Inuit School. Toronto: University of Toronto Press

Non-referred Publications:

    Tompkins, J. (2003). When the title ‘Hudson Bay Manager’ doesn’t describe what you
    do: Working towards a reconceptualization of educational leadership from an Inuit perspective. Paper presented at the Annual Canadian Society for Studies in Education Conference. Dalhousie University.

    Cummins, J. and Tompkins, J. (2000) The light in their eyes. TESOL Quarterly. Winter 2000.

    Tompkins, J. (1999). A Sense of themselves: Elizabeth Murray’s leadership in school and community. In The Alberta Journal of Educational Research. 15 (4) 482-4.

    Tompkins, J. (1999). Tuqqatarviunirmut Katimajiit. Geese flying in a northern sky. Paper presented at the American Educational Research Association Meeting. Montreal.

    Orr, J & Tompkins, J. (1997). Mi’kmaq Studies 10. Halifax: Department of Education.

    Kenyon, Ludbrook, Mason, McLean, Scurlock, Tompkins & Schemenauer (1997) Atlantic Canada in the global community. Teacher Resource. St. John’s: Breakwater Press

Published Reports/Monographs

    Aboriginal Knowledge Exchange Project Self - Study Compilation and Report: Aboriginal Ways of Knowing in Teacher Education. (2008)
    Chapter on St. Francis Xavier University School of Education. Joanne Tompkins and Jeff Orr with collaboration from John Jerome Paul, Jane Meader, Sherise Paul, Starr Sock and Dawn Toney Stevens. This project involved eight Aboriginal Teacher Education Programs who responded to the question “How are Aboriginal Ways of Knowing (Indigeneity) understood and practiced in Aboriginal Teacher Education Programs?” using a self-study approach. This work builds upon previous self-studies and teacher education reviews at St. Francis Xavier University and includes perspectives of Mi’kmaw partners, in-service teachers and graduate students.

    Critical and shared: Exploring conceptions of Inuit educational leadership (2006) Educational Doctorate from OISE/University of Toronto which involved a study exploring female Inuit principals’ conceptions of leadership based on their socialization in Nunavut. Methodology combines elements of feminist, life history and Indigenous research.

    Sivuniksamut Ilinniarniq: Nunavut Student Survey. (2004)
    Researcher on a Nunavut-wide project that asked Nunavut students to contribute their understandings of schooling using a variety of media. Over 500 artifacts were part of the collection and they were examined, analyzed and a 60 page report was submitted to the Ministry of Education in order to guide curriculum work.

    “Wejkwapniaq: New Beginnings” Report (2000)
    Strait Regional School Board, Mulgrave, Nova Scotia. Researcher on a task force set up to examine the educational achievement (and lack of) of Mi’kmaw students from Afton First Nation at the Tracadie and Antigonish schools. Conducted interviews with Mi’kmaw students and teachers and worked with a community member to compile interviews from Mi’kmaq parents.

    Tuaaqtarviunirmut Katimajiit – Nunavut Leadership Project (1999).
    Nunavut Board of Education, Iqaluit, NU
    Primary researcher working with various Inuit educational leaders exploring the obstacles facing Inuit leaders, the supports required to maintain themselves in leadership positions and identifying ways that leadership needs to be reconceptualized in Inuit based schools. Methods used to gather information included interviews as well as large and small focus groups.

    Anurapaktuk – School Change in an Inuit community. (1993)
    McGill University. Masters of Education thesis. Completed a critical self-study from the point of view of a principal in a minority school setting.

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