Katarin MacLeod

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Research Publications

Refereed Publications

    K. MacLeod, A Practical Example to Understand Momentum in 1D: The Watergun Experiment. Physics Education., 42, (5), 492-495, 2007.

    K. MacLeod and J. Allison, The Historian and the Physicist: A Critical Review of Pre-Service Education Teaching Practices from the Perspective of New Faculty. Submitted to Teaching and Teacher Education, Ms. Ref. No.: TATE-D-08-00440.

    D. Pink, M. Naczk, K. Baskin, F. Shahidi, Theoretical Analysis of Ultraviolet-Visible Spectra of Various Phenolic Acid Fractions of Canola. J. Agric. Food Chem., 42, 1317-1322, 1994.

    D. Pink, B. Quinn, K. Baskin, Dependence of Gelation Time Upon Enzyme Concentration for Isotropic and Anisotropic Casein Micelles. Langmuir,
    10, 2559-2565.

    D. Pink, B. Quinn, K. Baskin, E. Sackmann, Bilayers of Monomeric and Polymeric 4,N-POMECY and DMPC. Macromolecules, 28, 736-744,

Unrefereed Publications

    K.MacLeod and G. Laronde, Chalk and Talk, Virtual Labs, or Hovercrafts –Teaching Dynamics 101: Demonstrating Praxis in Modeling Teaching Methods. CSSE Conference Toronto. Roundtable May 2006.

    K. Baskin and A. Fehr, The Northern Lights of Our Sky. Scientific Report No. 7, Aurora Research Institute, Aurora College, Inuvik, NT, 1998.

    K. Baskin, A Draft Energy Plan for the Community of Fort Simpson, NWT. Aurora Research Institute, Aurora College, Inuvik, NT, 1997.

    K. Baskin, Transmission Measurements Using a New Far-Infrared Set-up. Brock University, St. Catharines, ON, 1996.

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