Faculty and Staff Directory

School of Education Faculty

Andrew Foran, PhD

Experiential, Outdoor, Adventure Education and Pedagogy
Office: Xavier Hall 224
Phone Extension: 5422
E-mail: aforan@stfx.ca
Website: people.stfx.ca/aforan
Chris Gilham, PhD

Interpretive Studies, Inclusion, Mental Health
Office: Xavier Hall 203
Phone Extension: 3764
E-mail: cgilham@stfx.ca
Website: people.stfx.ca/cgilham
Debbie Graham, EdD

Middle School Pedagogy and Content Literacy
Office: Xavier Hall 205
Phone Extension: 3245
E-mail: dgraham@stfx.ca
Website: people.stfx.ca/dgraham
Laura-Lee Kearns, PhD

Critical Literacy and Social Justice Education
Office: Xavier Hall 207
Phone Extension: 4913
E-mail: lkearns@stfx.ca
Website: people.stfx.ca/lkearns
Lisa Lunney Borden, PhD

First Nations Education and Math Education
Office: Xavier Hall 206
Phone Extension: 5132
E-mail: lborden@stfx.ca
Website: people.stfx.ca/lborden
Leo MacDonald, PhD

Science Education and Teacher Research
Office: Xavier Hall 208
Phone Extension: 5414
E-mail: lxmacdon@stfx.ca
Website: people.stfx.ca/lxmacdon
Katarin MacLeod, PhD

Science Education; Scientific Literacy; Pre-Service Teacher Education
Office: Xavier Hall 315
Phone Extension: 2211
E-mail: kamacleod@stfx.ca
Jennifer Mitton, PhD

 Literacy, Assessment, and Middle Years Education
Office: Xavier Hall 210
Phone Extension: 3649
E-mail: jmitton@stfx.ca
Website: people.stfx.ca/jmitton
Elizabeth Munroe, PhD

 Instructional Leadership, Assessment, and Elementary Education
Office: Xavier Hall 308
Phone Extension: 4918
E-mail: emunroe@stfx.ca
Website: people.stfx.ca/emunroe
Anne Murray-Orr, PhD

Literacy and Elementary Education
Office: Xavier Hall 209
Phone Extension: 5453
E-mail: aorr@stfx.ca
Website: people.stfx.ca/aorr
Jeff Orr, PhD, Dean of Education

First Nations Education Policy, Change Leadership and Instructional Leadership
Office: Xavier Hall 310
Phone Extension: 2214
Website: people.stfx.ca/jorr
Bosire Mwebi,PhD

Health Promotion and Inclusive School Leadership
Office: Xavier Hall 316
203 Phone Extension: 5404
E-mail: bmwebi@stfx.ca
Website: people.stfx.ca/bmwebi
Dan Robinson, PhD, BEd Program Chair

Physical Education Teacher Education
Office: Xavier Hall 211
Phone Extension: 5569
E-mail: dan.robinson@stfx.ca
Website: people.stfx.ca/drobinso
Ingrid Robinson, PhD

Culturally relevant pedagogy, Aboriginal educational leadership, women and educational leadership, citizenship education, social studies education
Office: Xavier Hall 216
Phone Extension: 5569
E-mail: irobinso@stfx.ca
Website: people.stfx.ca/irobinso
Evan Throop-Robinson, PhD

Elementary and Middle School Mathematics Education, Assessment
Office: Xavier Hall 204
Phone Extension: 2429
E-mail: erobinso@stfx.ca
Website: people.stfx.ca/erobinso
Joanne Tompkins, EdD, MEd Program Chair

First Nations, Inuit, and Cross-cultural Education, and Instructional Leadership
Office: Xavier Hall 223
Phone Extension: 5523
E-mail: jtompkin@stfx.ca
Website: people.stfx.ca/jtompkin
Robert White, PhD

Inclusion, Equity and Globalization
Office: Xavier Hall 217
Phone Extension: 3420
E-mail: rwhite@stfx.ca
Website: people.stfx.ca/rwhite
David Young, PhD

Educational Law and Policy
Office: Xavier Hall 202
Phone Extension: 2215
E-mail: dyoung@stfx.ca
Website: people.stfx.ca/dyoung

Department of Adult Education Faculty

Maureen Coady, Department Chair, PhD

Community Health and Learning
Office: Xavier Hall 120B
Phone Extension: 3244
E-mail: mjcoady@stfx.ca
Website: maureencoady.com
Leona English, PhD

Gender and Learning in Women's Nonprofit Organizations
Office: Xavier Hall 120C
Phone Extension: 2459
E-mail: lenglish@stfx.ca
Website: people.stfx.ca/lenglish
Nancy Peters, PhD

Office: Xavier Hall 304
Phone Extension: 5735
E-mail: npeters@stfx.ca
Website: people.stfx.ca/npeters
Carole Roy, PhD

Intergenerational Learning, Experiential Education, and Arts-Informed Research
Office: Xavier Hall 120A
Phone Extension: 5567
E-mail: croy@stfx.ca
Website: people.stfx.ca/croy
Zulfiya Tursunova, PhD

Office: Xavier Hall 120D
Phone Extension: 2113
E-mail: ztursuno@stfx.ca
Website: people.stfx.ca/ztursuno

School of Education Staff

Jennifer Connors, MEd

Office: Xavier Hall 311
Phone Extension: 4957
E-mail: jconnors@stfx.ca
Website: people.stfx.ca/jconnors

Walter Duggan, MEd

Admissions & Field Coordinator
Office: Xavier Hall 226
Phone Extension: 3581
E-mail: wduggan@stfx.ca
Website: people.stfx.ca/wduggan
Denise Morrow 

Administrative Assistant
Office: Xavier Hall 218
Phone Extension: 2247
E-mail: dmorrow@stfx.ca
Garnet Patterson, MEd

BEd Program Manager
Office: Xavier Hall 227
Phone Extension: 2402
E-mail: gpatters@stfx.ca
Website: Garnet's Blog

Department of Adult Education Staff

Angela Stewart 

Administrative Assistant
Office: Xavier Hall 120E
Phone Extension: 3952
E-mail: aesecret@stfx.ca

School of Education Part Time Faculty

Part Time Master of Ed Faculty

Chris Boulter, MEd Inclusion
E-Mail: cboulter@stfx.ca
Wally MacAskill, PhD  
E-Mail: wmacaski@stfx.ca
Allison McNeil-Wilson, MEd
Margaret Olson, PhD

E-Mail: molson@stfx.ca  
Barbara Welsford, MEd  
E-Mail: bwelsfor@stfx.ca
John Withrow, PhD  
E-Mail: jwithrow@stfx.ca

Part Time Bachelor of Education Faculty

Sue Lariviere-Jenkins, MEd
E-Mail: slarivie@stfx.ca

Erin MacPherson, MEd
E-Mail: emmacphem@stfx.ca

Rob Ryan, MEd Guidance  
E-Mail: rryan@stfx.ca

Richie Tobin, MEd
E-Mail: rttobin@stfx.ca



Bachelor of Education
Faculty Advisors

Peter D'Amicis deamicp@staff.ednet.ns.ca
Lily DeYoung deyoungla@ccrsb.ca
Robert Doiron doipoi@hotmail.com
Leo Duggan lduggan@stfx.ca
Sally Fraser sally.fraser@munpict.ca
Wayne Goyetche jcgoyetche@nstu.ca
Kevin MacDonald kltmac71@hotmail.com
Brenda MacIsaac bmmacisa@stfx.ca
Ron MacLean rmaclean@stfx.ca
Joan Sangster sangstej@staff.ednet.ns.ca
Bill Timmons btimmons@stfx.ca
Leona Williams gandl.williams@ns.sympatico.ca