Master of Education


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The StFX Master of Education program is designed for educational professionals who wish to engage in scholarly inquiry alongside their professional practice. The program is renowned for the preparation of educational leaders who have strong capabilities for transforming organizations and improving student learning.

Our degrees are available in Educational Leadership and Curriculum, and are offered by part-time and full-time study to more than 400 graduate students from all parts of Nova Scotia, throughout Canada, and from a number of countries around the world. While most students take the course-based option and study part-time while continuing to work, many also are engaged in the project route or the thesis route on a full or part-time basis. Online learning and cohort-based learning have become the dominant forms of learning in our program.

The program has five main goals for its students:

»To develop future leaders to improve education.

»To prepare leaders for educational change.

»To engage in critical reflection.

»To challenge assumptions and introduce new thinking.

»To cultivate educational inquirers and researchers.

The Faculty currently has cohort partnerships with all of the Nova Scotia school boards, either in the areas of educational leadership or curriculum studies in middle school mathematics, physical education and/or French Immersion resource. Most students do some of their learning online, and students may choose to complete the majority of their coursework online.

Most full-time members of the Faculty of Education devote a portion of their time to graduate studies. A cadre of more than 20 part-time faculty with proven track records as educational practitioners and scholars also teach in our program.