Three Year Part Time B.Ed Program for Mi'kmaq Nova Scotian Learners


The St. F.X Faculty of Education is currently offering a three year Bachelor of Education program for Mi’kmaw learners; there are twenty students enrolled. Students will develop greater background in science, mathematics, and/or English Language Arts content and pedagogy. Students will pursue math and science content courses during the summers of 2009 and 2010.

The B.Ed. program has two streams, elementary and secondary. Courses are being presented in Membertou and Eskasoni. Students in this program have the option of joining the full time on campus program in their third year. This option allows for elementary and secondary subject specializations and spring 2011 graduation. Students in this program who complete the requirements within the full time program will graduate in the spring of 2011 and students who remain in the part time program will graduate in the fall of 2011. All students who complete this program will be certified to teach as of September 2011.

The St FX Faculty of Education has supported the development and credentialing of Mi’kmaw teachers since the inception of the Memorandum of Understanding with Mi’kmaw Communities in 1995 and by 2009 has prepared 100 Mi’kmaw teachers for work within provincial and band-operated schools. St. FX Faculty of Education has developed this three year part time B.Ed. program for Mi’kmaw learners in response to the unmet demand for Mi’kmaw teachers for provincial schools and the request from Mi’kmaw Communities to increase the number of Mi'kmaw educators with a math and science background.

This program is taught by faculty members with experience in Mi’kmaw or other First Nations Schools, public schools, and teacher education programs serving Aboriginal students and practicing Mi'kmaw educators who all have background and commitment to teach this program. St FX places a central value priority upon honoring Mi’kmaw identity by infusing our curriculum and learning approaches with Mi’kmaw cultural practical knowledge.

The part time B.Ed. program provides a framework that enables students to pursue a wide range of specializations in order to address the diverse needs of both provincial and band-operated elementary and secondary schools. Students can live at home and complete most aspects of this program.